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What is required to become a Home Inspector in Texas?

Professional Home Inspectors in Texas start with 330 hours of classroom training and 120 hours of on the job training. After that they must pass a State Exam.

Do they have continuing education, or is that it?

Texas Home Inspectors are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education every year. 8 of those hours must cover Standards of Practice Legal/Ethics.

But Fox Inspection Group Inspectors receive Weekly Training!

Our inspectors attend at least 100 hours of training each year Above and Beyond what is required by state standards! This training covers upcoming changes in Law and/or Code, Ethics, and unusual issues encountered.

Do you want an Average Inspector or a Highly Trained Inspector checking out your home?

The entire Fox Inspection Group Staff is very professional and fun to work with.

They will answer all your questions in a way that you'll understand.

Part of our philosophy is Providing Peace Of Mind, One Home At A Time, Since 1989!TM

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