People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.
-Anton Chekhov

August is National Happiness Happens Month!

You can’t have too much happy!

If you make happiness a habit for a month, it won’t be hard to make it a year-long attitude.

Your happiness is a gift because it literally brings out the best in you.
-Robert Holden

How you can celebrate the Happiness Happens Month:

  • Wear your silver shades, donate your silver coins — pay someone’s toll, bus or subway fare, buy a soda, or take up a donation for your favorite charity — or pass out silver kisses. Why silver? Because not-so-secretly happy people have a way of finding the silver lining in even the darkest clouds
  • Send a text message that says: Celebrate Happiness Happens Month with me
  • On Facebook, make a post every day in August that says: Happiness Happens when …” (and list your happy moment of the day)
  • On Twitter, make a post every day in August that says: #HappinessHappens when …” (and list your happy moment of the day)
  • Make a Happy Treasure Chest — a box full of the things that bring smiles to your face
  • Have conversations about happiness … tell others what made you happy, and ASK them what made others happy too
  • Lead a Happiness Happens Celebration Activity at work. Vote for the Happiest Employee or Customer, have a Happy Expressions Pot Luck Lunch where everyone tells about their happiest moment at the company (best story wins a prize), or host a Happy Scavenger Hunt

For more information about Happiness Happens Month, click here.

I caught the hapiness virus last night when I was out singing beneath the stars.
-Hafiz of Persia



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