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Bill Hurley

Professional Inspector

TREC #20283


Bill is from San Antonio, Texas. In addition to Oscar the Cat, he enjoys golf, antique glass, gardening, and home projects. Bill has a background in plumbing, home sales, and construction. He actually built two homes; one as a sub-contractor and the other with his own hands! Bill became a home inspector because he likes to help others. He also enjoys the challenge: there is always something new to experience. Bill likes to work with Fox because, "We are held to a higher standard and receive constant training."


Bill Hurley is amazing! He has inspected two homes for me and he is so helpful. His straightforward process makes everything go so smoothly. He is so easy to work with! If I have to have another inspection, he will be my first request!  Rosalia M Petersen


Bill was professional, knowledgeable, and very prompt with getting our report. Thank you!  Lois & Jacob Wendte


Bill Hurley, Rich and Ryan (Termite guy) were all very informative and efficient during our inspection. We were especially satisfied with the process of uploading many pics and going over them on a tablet on the spot. The report was well documented and clear. Tracy and Debbie McMillin


We were pleased with our inspector, Bill Hurley, and the inspection report he prepared. He was very thorough and took time to explain it to us.  Anne Gardner


Bill was very knowledgeable about all areas of the house and thoroughly enjoyed his company. I'd recommend Fox to all my friends and family!  Garrett Velarde


Bill was very helpful and I appreciate his good work.  Bret Anderson


Bill Hurley has been a great inspector for our property. His documentation is clear and thorough, and his varied experience in different home types is visible through his demonstration of extensive knowledge. He cares about the quality of the work done inside the home, in addition to covering the safety needs.  Brad Goertz


Bill was personable, efficient and clearly an expert - I liked everything about him!  Dianne De La Mare


Bill was very thorough and detailed in his inspection and took the time to walk me through his findings!  Julie Yip


I will recommend Fox and Bill Hurley to anyone who asks (and those who don't). Bill made me feel important and I trust him. He is honest, tells me what I need to hear and doesn't seem to miss anything. Keep doing what you do. Thanks.  Brad Huxford


Mr. Hurley was awesome. Absolutely the most thorough inspection I have had or heard of. Mr. Hurley's post inspection overview was well explained and very patient through all of my questions. I cannot think of a single item that I wished we could have covered any more thoroughly. Matthew C. de la Moriniere


Bill Hurley is simply the best!  Lynette Bryan


I am always happy to work with Fox Inspectors because they are prompt, reliable and always have a professional attitude. They go out of their way to give personal service to not only their clients but also the Realtors! I am so impressed with Bill Hurley and how he explains the report with the buyers and shows them where the issue is without scaring them out of buying the property. He explains what is a safety issue and what can be repaired over time- like the roof has more life to it. He has saved me twice from sitting on a hard floor for hours! Bill always has plenty of cold water and goodies for everyone! Mimi


Mark and Bill  have been very helpful in with my clients' home inspections and explaining the findings to them. Very patient and thorough. Ashley Hoang


Our inspector Bill, was honest and did give his opinions on what he suggest to have fixed to prevent future issues. He even gave compliments on the builder on things he saw done correctly, acknowledges the high quality material used on our home. I honestly was afraid my report would be terrible. I don't think Fox is bias, so far, both of my report shows the pros and cons with the building process. This may sound crazy, I felt relieved to hear a mix of good and even the bad. My anxiety for sure went down. Can't wait till our home is complete!  Choe Nguyen


Bill Hurley is great- wonderful customer interaction and very knowledgeable. I'm very satisfied with the services we have received. Bill performed our new home inspection 2 years ago, and returned to perform a follow up inspection the other day. Both times he made us feel very comfortable with the inspections he performed. We are very satisfied with our inspections. He's a great asset to your team. Genji Leggett 


Bill and his crew were fantastic. Extremely professional and friendly at the same time!  Young Im


Bill Hurley was very thorough and informative during the inspection.  Matt Dundrea


Bill was great. He explained a lot of things that I didn't understand. He was very thorough. I interacted less with Byron but everything was very positive with him too. I would recommend Fox to friends looking to purchase a home. Andrew Biberstein


Bill did an excellent job on recent inspection.  Alex Richey


Bill Hurley was very thorough at both the frame and final inspection of our new construction home. Both times he was scheduled, we were hit with some bad weather. This did not stop or even delay him. At our frame inspection, he scaled the roof during a very cold windy day. At the final inspection, he arrived early to beat a storm. Building a home is always a stressful process. Knowing that we caught some issues that could have gone overlooked with a less thorough inspection, really gave me some peace of mind. I am so grateful for that. Thank you.   Eva Imperial


Couldn't be happier with both our inspections and particularly the inspector, Bill Hurley. He was great at explaining all the details of the report for my wife and I!  Clint Phillips


Bill did an amazing job! His knowledge and descriptions was very helpful! Muchly appreciated! -Aaron Patterson


My husband was very happy with the inspection carried out by Bill! Very helpful when we are purchasing our first new home together!! Thank you!  -Aline Reis


Our inspector, Bill Hurley, arrived 45 minutes early to ensure he could get on the roof before it rained. That's great service and attention. Troy Hammerstrom


Bill Hurley did a fantastic job. I really appreciated his thoroughness, and his feedback and efforts were incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend him and Fox to anybody who asked! Sarah Hein


Bill Hurley was efficient yet very thorough. He was very personable and willingly describe what he was looking for and why throughout the entire inspection process.  Sean Smith


Bill was wonderful! Such a good inspector with such a great bedside manner with the buyer. As the listing agent I thank you! Suzann Richardson


Bill was excellent. Took the time to explain what he had inspected, concerns, things for notation. Answered all questions.  Debbie Rutledge


I really enjoyed Bill. He was very knowledgeable and took his time going through everything he found. He seemed to do a really good job and was efficient with his time. I would recommend Fox to anyone looking to get an inspection done.  Kelly Cabler


Bill was very thorough with his inspection and explanation of problem areas. I appreciated him recording all his findings and explaining to me whether they were major or minor issues...helped alleviate some of the stresses associated with home buying.  Forrest L Hunt


Detailed report and knowledgeable inspector (B. Hurley). And was willing to spend time explaining to the client the reason why the photos taken. Mr. Hurley took my concerns off my shoulders.


We had an inspection completed on a home we were interested in buying about a week ago. Being built in 1970 and not having many upgrades beyond cosmetics (the current owner who did the cosmetic upgrades shared their inspection with us), we knew there would be a fair amount of work required to get the house to a point where we weren't having to worry about leaks, wood rot, or other issues common with older homes in Houston. After Bill Hurley and Sean McCleney arrived, it was immediately apparent there were items the previous owner's inspection missed the severity of or had left out altogether.
Both Bill and Sean were extremely thorough and provided impartial insight into what they were seeing the entire time they were conducting the inspection. Having had previous experience with Fox inspections I knew the extent they would go to in order to ensure they can inspect as much of the house as possible (in the previous experience I was the seller and the buyer had chosen Fox for their inspection), but their willingness to explain the process and describe why the conditions they found might be issues was far above and beyond expectations.
In an environment where it is all too easy to price shop and the level of service received often reflects that trend, I can say with the highest confidence that I will be using Fox Inspections for my inspection needs since the relative cost of an inspection is small as compared to the potential savings of going into a home purchase without being properly informed.
We ended up not going thru with the purchase of the house described above (we really liked it, but there was just too much work to do with both of us working full time), but I'll be calling Fox again on Monday to schedule an inspection for a new house we just made an offer on.  Brian Temko


We had our home inspection done by Bill Hurley, what a pleasure it was to have meet Bill along with the details to his report, very clear. Over the moon. There is nothing to discuss further, as the job, report was just what my wife and I needed in the purchase of this home, much appreciated.


I recently had a home inspection done by Mr Bill Hurley. He did a remarkable and commendable job. He explained the issues arising with great patience and details. All my expectations were met and the report was sent within just a few hours. Would highly recommend Bill to anyone looking for home inspection services. Thank you Bill!!  Aarifa Qazi


Fox Inspections was very helpful with even last notice request. Was very impressed with Fox inspections along with Bill Hurley who did an outstanding job. Inspector was open to discussion. Inspector Bill Hurley was one of the best very knowledgeable about his field. Daniel Smith


Bill Hurley was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was prepared to discuss all details with us. We would not buy a home without his inspection.  Kim Macdonald


I love Bill Hurley!! The best inspector.  Joan House

Great! Bill was very good at explaining everything to me.  Tripp Rich


Great service once more, thanks BILL and the attention to detail and good customer service. Same goes for Christina and the team that book our inspections. Maria L Garcia Puente


We had a great inspection. Bill was a true professional.  Ryan Adame  


Bill Hurley preformed most thorough inspection. 5 star rating.  Edward DeStefano 


I love Bill Hurley. My buyers and I were so impressed with his knowledge. Joan House

I do want to commend your company on the home inspection service that was completed for us.  Mr. Bill Hurley did a very good job and provided us with a very useful report; most definitely in keeping with your company's goals. Thank you, Dora Devery   


Bill Hurley did an excellent job and I appreciated his explanation broken down into understandable jargon.  Caster Crawford


I was impressed by the thorough inspection that was provided by Bill Hurley. In addition, Fox Inspection Group was able to accommodate my need for a timely inspection before I returned to New York. The inspection was easy to read & interpret.  Sheila Bazil


Bill Hurley was fantastic provided a detail complete inspection. Ray Broussard


I greatly enjoyed working with Bill. He was detailed, professional and willing to answer all questions and concerns. I will definitely use Bill and Fox in the future.  Kyle Kelley


Bill was extremely professional and performed a thorough inspection of the house. He provided water and snacks, as well as a detailed debrief of the inspection before sending the inspection report. I would definitely recommend Bill to other home buyers.  Anne Kelley


Bill Hurley gave a great, thorough inspection of our new home. Very pleased with his work and will strongly recommend him to anyone else needing an inspection.  Scott Petrowski


Bill was able to help [my clients]. He is awesome!  Debra Shelly, Realtor


Bill was fantastic! Very thorough! As always, Fox brings the customer service wherever they go! From the moment the appointment is made all the way to after closing! Much appreciated and everyone loves the water and snacks provided during the inspection! Thanks Bill and thanks Fox!  Brenna Abels


Bill is awesome. Fox inspections is awesome!  Debra Shelly


Bill Hurley was GREAT....I want an honest, brutal inspection. Bill provides this..... A credit to Fox.  Donald Andrew Liston


This was my third time using Fox for home inspection. Every time they have been professional, thorough, and extremely easy to work with. Bill Hurley arrived an hour early and had much of the outside inspection done by the time my agent arrived. He took the time to stop and answer questions as we watched him work. He even brought a cooler with snacks and cold water for all of us. He was very knowledgeable about anything we asked. The report was ready by that evening. I wouldn't consider using anyone else but Fox and I will ask for Bill next time! Kathy Erdman


I just wanted to let you know that we are so glad that we had Bill Hurley as our inspector for home we are looking at buying in Braes Heights. He was so thorough and knowledgeable. He took as much time as we needed to really explain all of the items on our inspection report. I will recommend him to anyone I know that is looking for a new home!  TR Williams


Bill was an absolute pleasure to work with on my home inspection. He was extremely knowlegeable and professional, and he has been very gracious in answering questions after the fact.  Lisa Aguilar  


Bill Hurley was professional, knowledgeable, and timely. The snacks and water were nice touches, and we loved the front door mat!  Justin Sauber


Very good experience!!  We had Bill as our inspector and I highly recommend him every time if I need an inspection in the future.  The office was also very easy to deal with while scheduling.  My knowledge with home is extremely small at best.  Bill explained everything and answered my questions perfectly.  Thanks Bill and Fox!!  Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh Y.


Bill did a very thorough inspection and was a real professional.  Shaun Moore

We could not have asked for a better home inspection experience than the one we had with Bill. My first time homebuyers and their parents were impressed with Bill's attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge. The coolest take away was the infrared laser! Professional Inspectors like Bill make our jobs as Realtors easier. I look forward to working with him again and will recommend him to colleagues and clients.  Kenya Burrell


This was the 1st time I have used/referred you to clients. [My client] was thrilled with you all. Bill Hurley did a great job. I just had Bill back out for another client, in Katy. You guys are great!  Dominic Barzilla


Excellent! Bill was awesome!  Jeroen van Oosten


Amazing experience! We were ironically referred by a previous seller who was impressed by all of Bill's findings. Diane was able to accommodate us at the last minute and also get Bill booked for us. He showed up early and without an assistant for a 6,000 sq ft house! He did an amazing job and we love all the perks built in!  Nisha Punchavisuthi


Bill H inspected our new home, he brought a team of three and did an amazing job getting through everything very precisely. We liked him and his team so much we called him back for a second inspection.  Bindiya Patel


Hurley was courteous, helpful and conducted himself in a professional manner. His integrity gave me confidence in both him and your company.  Jose Soltero


Impressed with the meticulousness and wealth of knowledge the Bill (inspector) possesses. Great job!  Andre Siaw


Bill just fimished up with Joe & Suzan Soltero on Joan Collier Trace. They were very satisfied with his work. I had never worked with Bill before, and I thought he was very thorough, and explained everything very well to the Soltero's. I'd recommend him.  Bryan O’Leary 


Great inspection! My inspector, Bill Hurley, was great, explaining everything in detail.  Richard Huang  


Bill was a pleasure to work with and he is a very thorough inspector.  He communicated his findings to me at the end real well!  Howard Cordray


Bill Hurley was outstanding! As an agent for many years, I've dealt with quite a few inspectors, his findings were factual accurate and not alarming. Great to work with and I will refer him to clients in the future. Thanks!  Kathie Nielsen

Bill was a wonderful inspector! Very nice and explained everything perfectly. Thank you! I will definitely be referring you out to more clients.  Christine Lombardi

We were fortunate to have Bill from Fox complete our home inspection - he did a thorough job and was clearly knowledgeable in his field. The detailed report Bill provided was great and allowed us to quickly resolve issues with our builder before we closed on our home. Thanks Bill!  Mark Shervington  


Bill Hurley completed our house inspection and was very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. He explained every step of the process and reviewed the inspection results with us so we knew what needed to be addressed before closing. We were really pleased with our Fox Inspection and will be recommending to our friends and family!  Christina Blondheim


I appreciated the professional and courteous interactions with Bill Hurley. I felt he was informative and helpful.  Kurt Attaway


Bill did a great job!  Thai Klam


Bill Hurley inspected my clients home as pre-sell to listing . He was amazing! Professional! Over the top knowledgeable in his field. He explained all details of the inspection to my client. My client was very impressed and impressed that I recommended Fox Inspection. I use Fox Inspection for all my inspection. Their professionalism is over the top, and their customer service is excellent with each of their staff.  Christine Rayburn


Bill Hurley was the inspector who did the inspection. Very professional, courteous and a real nice person. I will refer this company to the individuals who need inspections done on their homes. Bill is a excellent employee! Keep up the good work.  Gina Foster


I really enjoyed the inspector Bill Hurley he was very thorough and to the point, beautiful attitude and wonderful person. He is definitely an asset to your company. Gina Foster  


My husband and I are very pleased with the inspection by Bill. Very easy to understand and made me very confident in his inspection.  Shirley Slaughter


Bill Hurley was wonderful! Thank you for the excellent experience.  Lauren C.


Thanks for the great inspection, Bill Hurley!  Chris Castaneda

Bill was friendly. Got started on the inspection without wasting time. Fancy tool that checked the leveling of the house. He did a great job.  George Whitaker


Mr Hurley provided an exceptional experience!  Edie Moore


We had a fantastic inspection by Bill Hurley. Very detailed, great explanation, very professional. Great experience.  John & Diane Donovan


Bill Hurley, again did a fantastic job for my buyers on new construction.  Linda Brewer


Bill did a great job reviewing the inspection and he was also very considerate by waiting for me to arrive since I was stuck in the rain/flooding.  Meghan Stewart


Bill did a great job and was very thorough. He explained every detail to our satisfaction. We enjoyed his company.  David Collins

Bill Hurley was great! He took his time to explain the process and his findings.  Lara Hirschmann


I had Bill Hurley inspect a home that we were purchasing. Bill's attention to detail and thoroughness exceeded our expectations and brought to light several potential issues with the home. We will definitely be recommending Fox Inspection Group to friends and family that are looking for inspection services on a new home.  Nathan Griffith


Bill Hurley was very professional and thorough!  Michael Martin


Bill was really great. Explained everything perfectly and was so pleasant to work with.  Courtney


Bill Hurley and his assistant were thorough, polite, respectful, and expeditious. I would definitely recommend them.  Peter Dumont

Bill was awesome!  Christine Wagers


Bill Hurley did a great job with our inspection and was great at giving us realistic expectations for a house that age and for what to expect. Made the home inspection much less stressful than we originally thought!  Randol Tellkamp


I thought Bill was very thorough and I would definitely recommend him to another home buyer.  AysheTayfun


The home inspector was professional and friendly. He was very detailed in his inspection and he told me everything I need to know in order to make a wise decision about this home purchase. Thank you.  Kevin Banks


Bill did a great inspection. Clients were very happy.  CJ Sanderson

Bill was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was also very kind and explained the things I did not understand.  Caren Elms 

Working with Bill was amazing. He went above and beyond his duties.  Beverly Jordon

Your field staff are excellent - Riccardo Bianchi and Bill Hurley were on time, informative, and detailed.  Keith Kaposta


Bill did a great job on our home inspection! I will highly recommend Fox Inspection Group!  Dawn Bloemen


The inspector at my location was very thorough, very honest.  Maria Serrano


Bill was an excellent experienced inspector and we had a professional experience. We are so happy we chose to go with Fox and are very pleased with our inspector, Bill. We will refer Fox to all the people we know that are in the hunt for a home inspection company.  Zachary Bloemen 


I will recommend Fox to all my friends and family! Bill Hurley was great!  Jennifer Hurta


Bill Hurley conducted my inspection today on my new home. He was amazing. Efficient and most informative. I appreciate how he educated me regarding all the "little things" in purchasing a new home. Thanks again for all your help.  Karen Dawson


Bill Hurley was a tremendous resource during our inspection. We were extremely satisfied with his diligence and professionalism.  Jarrod F


Mr Bill Hurley was awesome. I would recommend Fox Inspection Group.  Elizabeth Gama 


Bill did an awesome job. He went through the entire house in detail, pointing things to think about even if they aren't violations. He also took infrared photos of several parts of our house, which was above and beyond what was required. He was extremely nice and prompt.  Greg Dykes


Bill Hurley was very friendly and knowledgeable, it was a great experience. David Moore


Bill Hurley did our home inspection and did a great job. He was professional and explained all the details of the report well.  Madeline McCarty


The inspection went great. Bill took great pictures and described his observations to me and the impact it has on the house. In addition, he offered snacks and also gave me a heads up that I would be contacted about a security system which is something I'm interested in having installed at the house. I would definitely use this firm again. Kevin Robel


A professional and excellent home inspection. The best we have ever had. Thanks to Fox and Bill Hurley. Dennis E Pisula


Bill Hurley and the team were the most professional group of inspectors I have ever used in six relocations. James Coburn


The inspection was great, no complaints.  Bill Hurley was very thorough, showed up early, and I appreciated the pictures and explanation of the observations he made. Regards, Kevin Robel


Bill Hurley was very professional and thorough in his inspection. He was also was very quick to follow-up with answers to questions we had in the following week. Thanks Fox!  Casey Crow


Bill Hurley performed two inspections for me as I fortunately took advantage of the 1/2 price additional inspection should I fail to proceed with the purchase of the first home inspected. I was incredibly impressed with Bill who was thorough and spent ample time with me to explain his procedures and findings. Aside from Fox being significantly more expensive than past inspectors I have used in the past, I would not hesitate to recommend this firm... and particularly Mr. Hurley.  Eric Williams


I had Bill Hurley do two inspections for me. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He was very thorough in his inspection, was willing to answer any questions I had during the inspection, followed up the inspection with a call just to see if I had anything I wanted to go over with him, and could not have been nicer. I would recommend him to anyone I knew. Barbara Thompson


We were very satisfied with the thorough and comprehensive inspection performed by Bill Hurley last week.  J Foerster