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Don Hillendahl

Professional Inspector

TREC #20754


Don Hillendahl has lived all over the world; Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Zimabwe, Africa! He and his wife have two dogs and four cats. He enjoys model building and collecting die-cast cars. After over 40 years of commercial construction experience he decided, on the advice of a long-time realtor friend, to become a home inspector. Don likes the company support and benefits of working for Fox, but he really values the opportunity to work with/for and learn from The Fox.


Don did a great job and was very knowledgeable. Laura Caudill


Don Hillendahl did a great job with our inspection, he was very thorough and provided valuable points for our negotiation with the sellers. Sam Cangelose


Don Hillendahl is professional and friendly.  Wendy Sarmasag 


I am always pleased with Fox Inspection Group. Our inspection Don Hillendahl was nice and friendly. Professional at all time and answered all our questions.


Great explanations from Don, and termites found during inspection were a great catch! Saved me money!  Rob LaVohn


It was a great experience. Very fast and I thought Don was extremely thorough.  Kimberly Woods


Don did a more thorough inspection than I had thought was going to be done and he exceeded my expectations. Service was exceptional. The only thing I saw in the beginning was that the inspection was a little higher than other inspectors in the area, however report was delivered the next day.


Thank you for a great inspection. Once every 50 years per owner isn't enough, so we hope to do this again next year after we have addressed these items to make sure the work has been done correctly. We couldn't have asked for a better inspector. He was knowledgeable, thorough and articulate in explaining the results to customers. We will ask for him again! He deserves a hearty thank you, as do the friendly front staff and manager who coordinated our request. Take care, Connie and Amy (About Don Hillendahl)


Don Hillendahl is the BEST inspector with Fox Inspection Group. Lizabeth Green

Don was great, and I appreciated him giving me a call when I needed clarification on an item. Thanks Fox for another great inspection!  Delara Aubon


Don Hillendahl was very thorough and professional. I asked a lot of questions during the inspection and he was willing to answer them, and also talked for quite a while on the phone, explaining the home inspection report. His experience shows. He was very professional and calm even when the sellers got angry about a leak he discovered in the shower. We would recommend him to our family and friends. The home inspection by Don was well worth the money.   Jennifer Gutierrez


Thank you very much.  Don did an excellent job yesterday. Regards,  Bob Hughson


We are fully satisfied. It was quick and easy to fix an appointment and we had our report during the night! And Don was awesome and knows about his job. Very carefull and thorough about the house he inspected and his report is full of useful recommendations. We now have a list with all major issues and how it can be fixed, but also the list of everything we need to take care, have a look over the years, what could be improved...and all explanations were really clear, even if I know nothing in home repairs. An inspection and more...we recommend Fox.  Melanie P


Don Hillendahl was a great inspector. He was thorough and walked through each part of the inspection. Laura Hardegree


I would like to compliment Don, the HVAC Inspector (Shawn) and the termite inspector (Ryan) on their thoroughness.  I've had many houses inspected, but this was more complete than I have ever had.   Regards, Mark Hinton


THRILLED with Fox Inspection Group - so thrilled I called them when the first house they inspected had so many things out of alignment I could not purchase it! So when I found another home, who did I call? FOX. Thorough and professional, FOX inspectors make it so easy to understand what they are looking for and explain how various issues might result from various home trouble spots - major or minor. Don, Jamie, John - all superb ! Thank you for my peace of mind on my 2 home inspections - and as much as I like them all, I really hope I don't see them again! haha  Eve Prouty


Eve Prouty Yelp Review


Excellent Service! Don Hillendahl was very thorough! Kim Mathes


Yelp Review-Don


Excellent service. Don was very helpful to my clients.  Yamilia Halfon


Don did a wonderful job .  Alicia Simmons & Grace Loesch


Don Hillendahl was our inspector. He did an incredibly thorough job and took his time to explain his findings with us. We are Very pleased with him.  Elena Wallace

Don Hillendahl did the home inspection for us and we were very impressed with how thorough he was, taking the extra time to show how equipment is used, pointing out things to be considered, etc. His report was quite thorough and his professionalism is appreciated.  Cathie Bach


Our inspector (Don Hillendahl) was very thorough and took extra time to go through all the pictures he'd taken and describe each of them as well.  Heather Kelly 


Don H. with Fox Inspection did an outstanding job. My next inspection I will request him. Lizabeth Green 


Inspection was well done and documented. The Inspector Don was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Fox Group to others. Thanks. Mike Krause 


Don is AWESOME! Stephanie Boger 


Don was thorough for the inspection - we appreciate that! Ashley Day 


Love how flexible you are with scheduling. Don was really great! Danelle Reed 


Very thorough and enjoyed working with Don. Michael Sieger 


I contracted with Fox Inspection Group to complete my house inspection and they did an excellent job. I requested the same inspector, Don Hillendahl and would highly recommend him. I will contact Fox Inspection when I purchase a new home. Lizabeth Green


Don was the first inspector I've met from Fox Inspections. He did a great job of touching base with me and my buyers through each stage of his inspection and pointing out issues. He then summarized everything at the end and returned the report to us quickly. I also liked the email and text reminders and the call to check to see how the home needed to be entered. Very professional interaction. Thanks!  Ashly Kirkland