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 Jason Best 2016


Jason Fielding

Professional Inspector

TREC #21810

Jason is a native Houstonian, graduating from Cinco Ranch High School. He enjoys all Houston Sports and spending time with his Australian Shepard, Rocky. Following a career in the United States Marine Corps and graduating from Louisiana State University, Jason has returned home to pursue his career in the Houston real estate market. He truly enjoys helping his clients fulfill their dream of home ownership and hopes he can assist them in making their dream a reality, “The best compliment you can give me is the referral of your friends and family!"

Jason did a great job. He was early which is always a huge plus. He was very thorough and did a great job providing clarity to our questions. Sam Moye

Fox did a fantastic job with the inspection of the home my wife and I are purchasing.  They were incredibly thorough and the report I received was great.  They looked in every nook and cranny in the house.  Jason, my inspector, was very pleasant and was very helpful throughout the walk through and the rest of the process.  I highly recommend these guys. Cory Whitefield

Jason was very thorough and very knowledgeable!  Tony Dang

Jason Fielding was a great inspector. He was thorough, incredibly nice, and very clear in explaining what he found. I appreciated his positive spirit and I am glad he was our inspector. The office was also very easy to work with for scheduling and payment. Great job.  Brian Speck

Jason was very professional and explained everything in a manner that I could follow. The Termite and AC guys were also helpful and answered all my questions.  Adam Beers 

Jason Fielding, from Fox Home Inspections, was amazing. I am a first time home-buyer, and he walked me through the entire process step by step. He was straightforward and explained things clearly.  Caroline Duble

Jason was extremely professional and thorough. Highly recommended!  Jacob Adams Mireles

Your technician, Jason, was fantastic. Allowed me to walk behind him and learn about my new, potential house. We just moved to Houston from Austin, so learning about pier and beam, Houston weather, etc. was very helpful.  Shawn Ball

Jason, the inspector, was very professional and answered all the questions we had and gave us a lot of time.  Grace Felefli

Great service with Jason this week.  Betty Herndon

Jason Fielding provided a clear overview of his findings (even for someone who is not very familiar with all the various parts of the house). He was open to questions and very approachable. He even brought snacks for us while we waited. Paul Leitner

There are few experiences related to selling a house or buying a house that goes as smoothly as the inspection that Fox Inspection Group’s inspection on the house I’m planning to buy has gone. Fox Inspection Group - from beginning to end - is the epitome of perfection. I decided on a house on Saturday and submitted an offer, one that would be on an expedited timeline. On Sunday, I received word the offer had been accepted. The same day - late Sunday - I called the Fox Inspection Group and assumed I'd get a voice mail. I got a live person and it was not a situation where the calls had been routed to another country. The person I spoke with was local and understood perfectly what I needed as well as the urgency. She scheduled the inspection for Monday morning and followed up immediately with the necessary paperwork for me to sign. The inspector, Jason Fielding, was on time, professional, thorough, and understood the importance of customer service. He finished the inspection and had the finished copy to me before 3:00 p.m. the same day. If other companies want to replicate an efficient, well-run company, this company and its workers are the ones to emulate. For anyone who needs a house inspected, this is the company to call. -Tina Strawn

Fox did a fantastic job with the inspection of the home my wife and I are purchasing.  They were incredibly thorough and the report I received was great.  They looked in every nook and cranny in the house.  Jason, my inspector, was very pleasant and was very helpful throughout the walk through and the rest of the process.  I highly recommend these guys. Andrew D

I was on site with Jason Fielding for his inspection. He was great, with good explanations and information. He's a solid, smart guy, gave me good information, very courteous and pleasant to work with. I did not meet Shawn McCleney in person for the HVAC inspection, but he was very conscientious, called me in the evening to make sure I received the results as soon as possible. He was very thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and informative.........and this was a hard inspection for him, roof of 2 story condo with difficult access issues. I salute both of these guys! Both of your guys emailed me, discussed in detail and gave follow up information and answered questions thoroughly. Great experience for me, although the results of the inspection weren't what we wanted.......some serious repair issues on the HVAC system, I'm glad your guys alerted us. We would not have known of the potential problems which would have cost us substantial dollars later. Thank you!  Dwight Donaldson

Jason did a great job. Alan Hall 

Jason Fielding was amazing! He answered all my questions and gave a first time home buyer peace of mind. I hope all your employees are just as great as Jason. He made me feel like family.  Michael Castillo 

We are quite pleased with the overall detailed of the inspection.  Jason, who came out to inspect our future home, did a phenomenal & thorough job.  He was extremely courteous, friendly, brought snacks & waters and took the time to go over his findings.  I would definitely recommend or refer Fox Inspection as well as their Termite Inspection. The Termite guy, as we will refer to him as his name has slipped my mind, was thorough as well, full of information on termites, what to look for, very knowledgeable and I can tell you I know more about termites than I ever could imagine.  Eric Gadin

Jason Fielding was my inspector today, he was so AWESOME that I had to call and specifically requested he be my inspector on another property tomorrow. Good Job Jason!!!  Chinazom Fatoba

Great job Jason Fielding. Varun Gouthaman

Jason Fielding, your rep, was very informative and very thorough in his inspection. Very impressive.  Linda Gonzales

Jason Fielding was a professional and personably inspector. He did a thorough job and spend time with me after the inspection to go over his finding and answer all my questions.  Anthony Hoff

Thanks so much for a very thorough inspection, Jason! Your explanations were very clear and concise. It made my first-time home purchase a little less overwhelming. Thanks, Sarah

Excellent inspection by Jason.  Shannon Schroeder

Jason did a wonderful inspection on the home me and my wife are buying. We have been fighting an uphill battle since our offer was accepted to close on this house and it was so nice to talk to such a professional crew at Fox Inspection Group. God bless y'all.  John Cole

Once again, Jason provided an excellent inspection. Thank you!  John Karas

It was a great inspection. Jason was GREAT with my clients. He has a great demeanor and can communicate effectively. I was very impressed with him. I am a relatively new agent and have worked with several inspection companies. Fox is head and shoulders above the rest. I will be scheduling another inspection with Fox for next week!  John Karas

Jason seemed professional and very pleasant.  Shikha Honawar

The home inspection was great! Jason answered all of my questions and the report was comprehensive and available the same day. Definitely recommending Fox Inspection Group!  Rachel Mallory

James, Jason, and team provided us with a very detailed and comprehensive inspection. They did a thorough job and were friendly and explained all their findings in great deal. In addition, they brought us snacks and water to enjoy during the inspection process. We will definitely recommend them to other homebuyers!  Devon O’Leary