July is Air Conditioning Appreciation Month

Living in Texas, we don't really need a reminder to Love our Air Conditioners!

Texas + Summer = I Need A/C! 

Kiss Me

History: In 1902, only one year after Willis Haviland Carrier graduated from Cornell University with a Masters in Engineering, the first air (temperature and humidity) conditioning was in operation, making one Brooklyn printing plant owner very happy. Fluctuations in heat and humidity in his plant had caused the dimensions of the printing paper to keep altering slightly, enough to ensure a misalignment of the colored inks. The new air conditioning machine created a stable environment and aligned four-color printing became possible. All thanks to the new employee at the Buffalo Forge Company, who started on a salary of only $10.00 per week. The Rest Of The Story

Caring for your Air Conditioner:

  • Do your air conditioner a favor and change the air filter every month. If you have central air, have it serviced every year. It will last longer and more efficiently. You don’t want your air conditioner to fail during a televised baseball game, or family game night. Actually, you don’t want it to fail anytime you need it.

  • Turn your air conditioner down when you’ll be gone for a few hours. That means, set it at 80 degrees while you are gone. Once you return, set it at 78 degrees or lower. It’s better than turning it off while you are gone. And once you set it to your comfort level, it won’t take long to cool the room.

  • For your next purchase buy one with a temperature and timer control. That way you can set the time and pre-determine when your air conditioner should go on and off.