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TREC #20719


Alvaro grew up in Colombia. He plays the bass and tennis. He has an architectural and construction background. Al decided to become a home inspector for the independence and appreciates his free time during the slow season. In Al's words, he likes working with Fox because of the "professional environment, respect from the office staff, transparency, and the positive attitude / approach to home inspecting."


My husband and I have just moved into our new home, and we so appreciate Fox for all you did.  Jeremy is hard to please, but he raved about Al Nieto, which says a lot; thank you.  Amy Wallner


My client's Fox Inspection was spectacular. Our inspector was thorough, clear, and walked my clients through every step of the inspection. Would highly recommend using Fox again in the future! Al was wonderful!!  Melodie Hartsfield


Excellent inspection experience with Mr. Alvaro Nieto for Lamonte Dr. here in Houston, earlier this week.  Luis Lopez


The home inspection I had completed early this week was my first one being as I am a first-time home buyer. It went SO smoothly and was very informative. Alvaro was very polite, educated, and helpful. He broke down the whole process for me and made the process stress-free! I will continue to refer Fox Inspections as well as use this company in the future.  Ruth Lim


Inspection went very well, Thanks Al.  Connor Bowman


Our inspector, Al, was very professional and helpful in explaining to us the report.  Emily Zakhem, RPh


Service was great as usual. Al did a nice job!  Chris Jacobs


Al was an excellent inspector; best I’ve had in the last 3 homes I’ve purchased. Fox was highly recommended by a friend and I’m glad I chose them. DJ Reza


I liked that Al was willing to explain the way the home is set to work with the buyer.  Veronica Cantu   


I am very pleased with the services provided at Fox Inspections. My inspector, Al Nieto, was amazing. He was on time, thorough, very knowledge, and great at explaining the details of the report. Photos and descriptions were excellent. I feel comfortable in recommending Fox Inspections to all my clients. Diane Fenzl


Thank you so much for your dedicated effort and professional skill to finish re-inspection. I appreciate your service especially inspector, Al Nieto. Ji Yuan Wu


Al was super-efficient and thorough. We very much appreciate his work! Meredith & Mike Rice


I really like how the Inspector Al Nieto took me aside and made me aware of the situation. The sellers were present at the inspection and when it was time for Al to give the buyer's the report Al took me aside and kindly suggested I ask the seller to allow us some privacy. Rose Scharning


Thank you for the inspection report. I was very pleased with my inspecton, Al, and the time he took to explain his inspection.  Karen Burgess


Al was very friendly and took his time to answer questions and go through the issues with the house. Highly recommended. Kyle Johnston


Just wanted to pass along high ratings for Mr. Nieto on behalf of my clients. He is very professional, informed and trustworthy.  Gordana Vickers


Our inspector, Alvaro Nieto is top-notch. He was very thorough and honest while explaining to me each item in the report at the home I was buying. He was very courteous and on-time. His service was so good that a friend of mine referred him to me and now I am referring him to you! He deserves a 5-star rating! Alvaro used a drone to inspect the roof. That is technologically awesome! The high-def photos it took were crisp and clear. It also ensure the inspector's safety. The online scheduler system is convenient and "transparent." The report format is very clean and easy to read. Lots of photos to identify problem if any. -Quang Vu


Hi Al, I wanted to thank you again for your inspection. I will keep recommending you to all my friends. Please keep up the wonderful work with Fox. I really hope they recognize you for the value you bring to their brand. Everyone in the office is really nice on the phone too, and that goes to show that they hire really wonderful people. I will keep you posted on the process!. Best wishes, Brian O'Donnell


I’ve been so busy getting settled in I completely forgot to send my reply about how great of an experience using Fox was. My inspector Al Nieto was amazing and made sure I understood every detail during his inspection. I may have even been a bit overwhelming with all my questions but he never changed his attitude or became irritated by this. In fact, upon leaving he complimented the fact that I was so involved during the inspection and said it made his time in my home feel appreciated. Shortly after moving in I had water draining from the side of my home and Al came by on his day off to check where the water was coming from. Immediately he was able to let me know the T&P valve on my water heater was bad without wasting too much of either of our time. I appreciate the fact that Fox Inspection group employs Inspectors with in depth knowledge and great customer service. It truly was a great experience using Fox and I will be glad to refer your services or use them again. Thank you Fox and a big thanks to my inspector Al Nieto.  Amber Jenkins


You guys are terrific and Al did a great job. Thorough and very patient with my clients as always.  Beth Tyebjee


Al from Columbia was a first class inspector and the best our Realtor had ever seen!  Kolin Ibrahim

Hi and good morning, had the best reviewing inspection experience with Mr Alvaro. The inspector has A+ performance and covered all the areas down to paper explanation.  Jose ‘Raul’ Suarez


Really excellent job by Al and also Bryson on the Termite team. Good client focus, clear explanations and thorough and professional as always.  Beth Tyebjee


Al did a great job! He was very thorough.  Sandra Lee


Whole process was quick and easy Alvaro was time, informative and efficient.  Linda de Caro


Great work by Al Nieto. The inspection work confirmed our worries about this property, pointed out many flaws. Really, it was good to have this good an inspection, we would have bought this place and had a lot of nightmares in the next few years... Thanks Fox!  Fernando Martinez


Byron, Al, and (sorry, cannot remember third guy's name) were very professional and helpful. They separated professional opinion from personal opinion and helped us sort critical from non-critical issues. I have complete trust in their work and findings, which are worth every penny in our negotiations.  Greg Averill


Great attention to detail! Al was very attentive and glad he spoke Spanish to answer my client's questions.  Alejandra Gallegos


We are really satisfy with the inspection service. Our inspector was Mr. Alvaro and he answer our questions and concerns. We recommend this company 100%.  Marlene Machado


My third inspection with Fox. All three have been flawlessly executed by Al. Could not recommend them more.  Craig McAllister


It was really an outstanding service. Alvaro Nieto (the inspector) was very professional and very informative. A very detailed job and always willing to clarify any doubt. I definitely recommend this service.  Diego Reinoso


Al, Thank you for your inspection yesterday and taking the time to sit down with us to explain the next logical steps.  Peter Anchondo


Al was very helpful and courteous.  Christie Vu


Al Nieto was very professional and thorough in his work and when making recommendations. My client was very pleased with Fox and the additional services.  Courtney Blencke


My inspector Al is very professional and very patient. He gave me a very good presentation.  Julia Zhu


I was very impressed with the inspections your company provides. I have worked with [another inspector] several times in the past and worked with Al for the first time on this set project. I was very impressed. Thank you for your help.  Andrew Bacon

Amazing!!! Al took his time and explained everything. Would recommend to anyone!!!   Julia Fulton


I have had two inspections within the last month or so. I backed out of my first deal because your inspector discovered a ton of problems with the unit I was trying to buy. Afterwards, I went under contract on a second unit. The second inspector [Al Nieto] was by far one of the best people I worked with. He was able to discover two problems (which turned out to be the responsibility of the HOA), and made me feel very comfortable with the purchase. I will keep using Fox for all my inspection needs. Great work, guys!  Ahmed Sidik

Just to let you know- our inspector, Alvaro Nieto, was simply wonderful. He was professional, thorough, did a nice job explaining the report, and was so personable. Thank you. Deborah and Alan


The inspector did a great job! We had a water leak and he found it so we were able to call the builder promptly and get it resolved.  Janna Palmer


First time home buying has been stressful but Alvaro made the inspection process a breeze. He not only informed us but also educated us on how to care for our home in the future. Five stars! Erica Wall 


I was impressed with the Fox Inspection service. Al Nieto performed the inspection. He was professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. I would highly recommend Fox Inspection. Raquel Sagullo 


Al was very helpful in explaining everything he inspected. I kind of wish the report was a bit more detailed and nit-picky (helps with negotiations with the seller), but his report covered all the bases. Daniel Vega 


Al was really nice and explained everything in a non-threatening way. Sinta Fuhrmann 


We are extremely happy with the home inspection. Mr Al Neito was patient and explained some concerns we had. We are happy that the whole inspection was handled professionally from start to finish. The administrative staff were very polite and courteous. Overall we are pleased that we went with Fox inspection Group. Shalini Rao 


Excellent inspection done by Al. On time, good follow up and superb service. Good marketing! Sharona Koret 


Very through, although charge is high. Inspector went over with me at the end in all details. Al is very good. Shuang 


Our inspector was Al Nieto and he was great! He was extremely thorough and did a great job. He answered questions vey clearly and was very helpful. He was very "hands on" when explaining his report which made things easy to understand. Holly 


Al Nieto was great and was very thorough in his inspection. He even took the time to help me learn new things about my future home. Zachary Luciano  


Al and his team were thorough, professional, and efficient. By far the best inspection I have experienced in my numerous relocations. On top of everything, they were early! Great job! Kris Torberson


Very impressed with our inspector, Al Nieto. He did an excellent job and I would recommend him to anyone. Eric Thiessen


Alvaro was awesome!! Very knowledgeable and took time after the inspection to go over every picture/issue with my wife and I. I will definately recommend Fox. Chad Stabiler


Al Nieto has performed two reviews for my buyer client in the past month. His professionalism is unquestionable, as is his commitment to ensuring my buyer is well-informed in order to make a decision. I highly recommend Al's service to anyone wanting to know the state of a property, and FOX as a whole.  Luis Lopez