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David Wagner

Professional Inspector

TREC #20531


David grew up in Jackson, Wyoming. He enjoys hunting and fishing. David decided to become a home inspector because, "I like the challenge of finding and solving problems for our clients." He likes working with Fox for "the high standard required by Mr Fox of his inspectors. I enjoy being a part of FIG because I know I am working with the industry leader." 


David was great! He was very personable and made sure we understood all of the major points. Also, all of the ladies I spoke to on the phone were very nice as well!  Andrew Wade


David Wagner was very professional and super helpful! We loved working with him!  Haley Wade


I was very happy with my inspection. David Wagner was very thorough, listened to all of my concerns, and answered all of my questions. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family!  Raksha Patel


Our inspector was David Wagner, and we were pleased with his availability to conduct our condo inspection following the Labor Day weekend. I did have a few clarifying questions following the receipt of the report, and was able to connect with David the following day. He answered my questions and offered to be of assistance if we had other questions.  Charlotte Cantu   


David was excellent! He was very thorough and helped us understand everything on the report. He also made the time to explain more things to us over the phone when we called him with questions the following day. Our termite inspector was also very knowledgeable!  Jennifer Galvan


David took three of our calls after the inspection was done. Even before he was finished entering the report to submit. He was awesome!  Jeffrey Collins


David was great to work with! Helpful and courteous.  Kris Martinez


David Wagner was a great inspector, was very thorough, professional and courteous. A great representative of Fox Inspection Group. Tom Raffensperger


Dave was very patient with explaining his findings. The report was very thorough and helpful, but the time he took to answer our questions was the best part of the experience. Despite being first-time home buyers, we felt like we actually understood the results and what to do next. Thanks.  Robyn Moscowitz Narro


My Fiance and I are first time home buyers. We are planning our wedding and purchasing a home at the same time. While both things can very stressful. We are thankful to have both David and David come inspect the home we are looking to purchase on Friday (1/12/18). They were both so helpful and sat down with to explain everything. They helped us understand major, medium, and minor fixes so that we are able to renegotiate. My parents have used your company for many years with their homes and we are so thankful we took their advice to contact Fox inspection to inspect our first home. We in return will always share your name with our friends when they look to purchase a home.  Rachel Ibarra


I appreciate the job performed by David Wagner.  Cesar L Ayala, Sr


David was amazing. Made my clients feel at ease the entire time during his explanations and findings.  Danielle Durocher


David did an amazing job for us in doing our inspection. He was very cordial and very professional. He took the time to explain to us everything he was doing, as well as taking the time to explain everything he found. He showed up with chairs, snacks, and beverages for us while we waited. All-in-all we were very pleased with our experience and know that in the future we will be going with Fox for any inspections we may need.  Brandon Romero


Our inspector was Captain Dave, and he did a great job with the inspection. His report was thorough and supported by great photos. We also had an HVAC and termite inspection, and we were pleased with both as well.  Lindsay Royston 


David was awesome. You guys really have a great worker with him. He walked in with snacks and chairs for us and left us with a huge peace of mind. He inspected our house like we were family and I felt like he had our best interests in mind and made sure every minor or major thing was covered. Overall we had a wonderful experience.  Lauren Romero  


You people at Fox are the best, and particularly David Wagner who inspected my home, he was so thorough and was ready to answer any questions I had. I also was very happy with the unlimited free moving boxes you had for my move, I must've taken at least 45 of them.


Great inspection experience! Since this was my first time buying a single family home, I wanted to attend the inspection and meet with my inspector personally. David was thorough, helped explain the common things he saw, and items I should be aware of. He did a great job articulating the severity of the issues he identified, and spared me a lot of concern I was starting to have with the mounting list of issues. The team did a great job accommodating my tight time schedule, and I will definitely refer Fox to others!  Peter Dorsey


My first interaction via phone was great with Christina, she explained everything to me in great detail. David, the inspector was thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciated going through this process with him. I loved getting free boxes and bubble wrap and being given the opportunity to use their move concierge service. The icing on the cake was receiving a personal call from Mr. Fox, the owner. Talk about a personal touch. I will refer friends and family for sure! Joy Malbrough


Dave was a great inspector. He was clear, polite, and helpful on site. When we had questions, he answered directly which aided in our understanding of the parts of the house. He even brought chairs and snacks! Another company I talked to about performing the inspection (for about the same cost) would have sent two people out, an inspector and an engineer. As it turns out, in the case of this property, that would have been helpful as there were questions about the structural framing in the attic. Our experience with Fox was entirely positive, even though this may not turn out to be a house that we purchase. In the end, I would recommend Fox, and in particular, Dave to anyone looking for a home inspection.  James Moudry


David was great to work with! Thorough, friendly, and prompt. He went above and beyond to help my clients!  Lis Harper


David from Fox Inspection Group was very detailed about the inspection. I've used other inspection services before and the inspectors were not as thorough as he. Very knowledgeable when I asked him questions and provided very useful suggestions. Will definitely recommend Fox Inspection Group and David.   Richard Zhou


Just had a great inspection with Dave. He explained everything thoroughly and in a very non-alarming way. I will definitely be recommending him to future clients. Thank you! Alex


We hired Fox Inspection for getting our very first house inspected. Our house is brand new construction and so we were in two minds on whether to get it inspected. We are glad we went with independent inspection and that we hired Fox Inspection. Our inspector, David Wagner, arrived on time. He appeared diligent and took 2.5 hours to inspect the house. He spent time in explaining me the issues during inspection and was happy to answer my questions. He found a number of issues with varying degree of criticality. The most significant of all the issues he found was the issue with rare door threshold which might have lead to water penetration. The report which was sent had all the photographs and recommendations. The report was detailed and very easy to understand. The report was sent within few hours of the inspection. The inspector also helped me in discussing the report with my construction manager. He agreed to get on a conference call with my construction manager to discuss his recommendation related to external threshold (the construction manager is disputing it). I feel the inspection really helped me in not only identifying the issues but also understanding the impact issues. The recommendations were also very well explained. I would recommend Fox inspection to anyone buying a house. Regards, Omkar Patkar


Mr. David Wagner did a fantastic job inspecting our house. The inspection is very careful, and it provides a lot of insights on how to improve and maintain the house.  Kan Chen  

David Wagner was an excellent inspector. He was patient and thorough.  Laura Ye


David did a great job for our client.  Marsha E. Loring


David Wagner was our inspector today and he was very helpful and courteous. He made us feel comfortable enough to ask questions. I like that Fox Inspections provides snacks for their clients. It's a nice touch!   Priscilla Martinez


David was very thorough and took his time explaining his findings to my clients. Very professional!  Brenna 


David Wagner did a great job, was knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. Good man, Good job. Ditto Shawn McCleney. John D. Ely


David and his team were great!  Emily Crose

David Wagner inspected our home. He was very thorough and was very nice and helpful when answering all of our questions and explaining his report. We were extremely pleased with Mr. Wagner's work. Thank you!  Alyssa


David Wagner did our inspection. He took the time to answer our questions, and we were very pleased with the overall experience.  Eric Moeller 


David Wagner was so professional and kind! He made sure to share with me minor and major issues with my home. I also appreciated the snacks, water and folding chair! I would definitely recommend Fox Inspectations to friends and family.  Norma Villanueva


David Wagner was my inspector and I couldn't have been more pleased. He was very thorough and the report indicated as much. He answered all my questions and made my decision so easy regarding buying the property. But I think the best compliment came from my realtor who intends to recommend the company to his clients.  Sheila Owens


David Wagner was our Inspector and we could not have been more pleased. Great service, as always, and he explained everything perfectly!  Rebekah Cullison

I LOVE you guys! Would never trust my home inspection to anyone else. David Wagner is terrific and made me feel very comfortable that I know everything I need to know before buying the house.  Stephen Clark


Very thorough, good inspection with David. Clients were very pleased.  Dot Mitchell, The Gentry Group

Kudos to David and his team. They did a great inspection job.  Alex Nascimento

I hired Fox Inspection group to do a frame and final inspection of our house in the River Oaks shopping center area. David Wagner was our inspector. He showed up on-time, and was very professional and friendly. He found a problem on the final inspection that would have cost a lot of money to fix if we hadn't found it. I'll use Fox Inspections for any inspections I need in the future.  James G


Great experience with David Wagner! He took the time to answer all my client's questions.  Norma Reyes

Excellent experience. David was great!  Jamie Machala

First, David and Jamie were awesome. allowed me to be there and ask as many questions as I wanted. Both very kind and professional. two comments on reports; first, it would be nice to have an opening paragragh of overall impression of home good or bad. And second, a quick reference list of needed repairs or concerns at the end, maybe in a priority bullet list or something.  Heather Zapata

David Wagner was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job! Ease of doing business is so important and Fox has exceeded my expectation. I would recommend highly Thank you!  Adam Rineer


David was awesome, patient, and walked me through the inspection. Great experience.  Jamie Machala


Great service from the start. The person I booked my appointment with was very courteous and and helpful. Our inspector, David Wagner, was super patient and took his time explaining any questions I had. He was very reassuring in his knowledge and expertise. Overall incredibly pleased with this top notch service.  Jesse Ghitman


David Wagner came out and inspected a new home for us and did a great job, recommend!  Lindsey Massie


I've used Fox Inspection Group twice now and certainly would recommend them. David Wagner was my inspector this time and he did a very thorough job and was able to explain complicated construction related concepts in simple terms. Very pro. Clay Albers

I really enjoyed working with Fox Inspection Group. I started off talking with the receptionist to schedule and she was very enthusiastic and helpful in explaining about the inspection. Then, I met our inspector, David Wagner; he was just as nice and helpful. He was on time and thorough in his review. I was thankful for his suggestions and time. My experience with this company was perfect!  Kristina Partridge


David Wagner was the inspector of our home. He was very helpful during the inspection process. He helped explain any issues that arose and gave suggestions on how to fix them. I can't think of any reason to change your current process. Seems to me that you have great personnel within your company.  Greg Blackburn


Had a home inspection done and David Wagner did a fantastic and thorough job, highly recommend! Stewart M.

David Wagner was a great inspector for our new home. He and his associate, Jason I believe, were professional, courteous and very thorough. I really appreciate the effort he put in completing the report so quickly. Thank you, David!  Rochelle Quiballo 
I am in receipt of the inspection report on the house [you inspected]. The report by Mr. David Wagner appears to be very through and highlights all of the items that we talked about at the house today. Thanks for the prompt service, it is very much appreciated. Regards, Paul Stobbe 


David was great. He explained everything that he found and I actually understood what he was saying.  Heather Hill


I thought David at Fox did an excellent job answering my questions and concerns on the inspection! Robert Sawicki 


David Wagner is a great inspector. Very professional, corteous, knowledeable and easy to work with. The whole experience with Fox Inspection group has been great and I would highly recommend it to others. Alberto Montesi 


David Wagner did a great job. He was very professional & very knowledgeable, as well as very personable & easy to work with. I highly recommend him. Jerald Page 


Your company provided great service on the phone & in person. David was very accommodating to my husband who was running behind at the inspection. He took his time to explain the details to both my husband & I. We appreciate the great service we received! Amy Weil 


Wonderful Service, David was extremely professional and helpful. Kristen Di Vece 


We love David! he is very thorough and after using him for two inspections we trust his opinions. Katie Whittington 


Just wanted to recognize two of your employees for outstanding customer service, Dave Wagner and Stephanie Washington. Chip Maxey 


Dave Wagner did a great job. Showed up early and spent as much time with us as we needed. Although we are purchasing a newly constructed home, he identified several issues that could potentially save us a lot of money down the road. Will Lierman 


I've been very impressed with Fox Inspection both times I have worked with them. The staff is personable yet efficient and easy to work with. David Wagner is an excellent and thorough inspector, and I will definitely be calling Fox for any future home inspections I need. Chase Jenkins 


David Wagner did a great job with the inspection.   Jessie M. Schiller