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James Lury

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Hi James, We will definitely be using your services in the future, including more home inspections. I can't stress enough how much we appreciate your thoroughness and honesty. I read every page of the report and was very impressed. You do great work! As time progresses, more of our friends in medical school will be graduating and looking to settle down. We look forward to recommending your company for home inspections. Thanks again! We look forward to working with you again for our next home inspection in the very near future! Best, Zinia Mamgleburg


James Lury and Chris are professional inspectors! Good job!  Nina Moss


Chris, James, and Byron were great!  David Baxley


I think the team did great, we had 2 inspectors, a pest guy and then a guy do intensive AC inspection. All were good; James was great. Brad DeSplinter


Awesome job like usual! Thank you, James! Jeffrey Collins


James Lury was great! Very friendly and thorough. He made sure I understood everything before we finished the inspection.  Laura Colosino


Our inspector James did a great job but also took the time to explain to us in person the issues he found and what is normal for a 30 year old house and what should be taken care of right away. We received a thorough inspection report with pictures soon after. Richard Covington


I think y'all did a wonderful job! Honestly no complaints. The crew was very courteous and professional. James Lury was wonderful. Avery Alcorn 


My clients were so pleased with James and the entire company! Thank you, FOX, for making my business a success. You’re a blessing to our business!  Michelle Collins


James and Shawn did a very thorough job today. They could not have been any nicer. Thanks for sending such qualified folks. Doug Neagli


James was excellent and efficient. He clearly explained the process and inspection to my clients who were first time buyers. He took time to answer all questions. He also had drinks and snacks for my buyers 2 young children which was a kind gesture.


James Lury was very detail oriented. He took his time and was on time. Very happy with his service. Jeanette Hogue


James Lury is very professional and great inspector. We are very satisfied.  Jason Xu


Very professional and friendly service from James.  Andrew Ng


I want to give thanks to James Lury and Shawn McCleney of Fox Inspection. Their reports were accurate and they stood by them. I also want to give thanks to the builder Nick Taghi, who understood this needed attention and got the A/C contractor together with Fox Inspection. The result was repairs to both A/C units and my confidence that I was receiving a home with proper performing air conditioning for my family. Once again, thanks for your professional help. Regards, Carl Hunter


A well done and professional job. I was impressed with James' attention to detail. He took the time and inspected the home thoroughly. Jim Sethna


James was great. The information that was provided to us was super helpful. Anything and everything that could be inspected was inspected. The pictures provided are a plus and the explanation of each item.  Clarissa Fuentes


Inspector James Lury: excellent attention to detail, patient and informative.  Andrew Kaneb


James and his team provided us with a very detailed and comprehensive inspection. They did a thorough job and were friendly and explained all their findings in great deal. In addition, they brought us snacks and water to enjoy during the inspection process. We will definitely recommend them to other homebuyers!  Devon O’Leary


We had our inspection last week w/ James at a Cypress home. He was thorough and knowledgeable. James even called us the following day to ask if there were any questions that he could answer. The service was outstanding.Allison Stockweather


My wife and I really enjoyed meeting with James and receiving his report. James was very thourough in his inspection and very detailed in his report. We will be recommending Fox to our friends and family in Houston.  Chris Bena


In all of the almost 30 years I have been in the business, I have never experienced a better report, both comprehensive and professional delivery than the report given by James. An important part of presenting a report is the way in which you do it. It couldn't have been a better experience for the buyer, the agents or the seller. We appreciated the detail and the way in which it was presented.  Lynne Andress


James Lury is the best inspector I've ever met!  Phyllis Miller


James rocks! I want him to perform the inspection on the house I am having built. He performed two inspections for me and they kept me from buying money pits! I trust James!  Diane Holman

 I love James and Fox inspectors. They are the bestπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ’™  Michelle Collins

James Lury & his son were great. They are both very knowledgable and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.  Ainsley Saxton


My home inspector James Lury as wonderful. He took the time to explain each item to make sure I understood the situation. The appointment scheduler was very friendly and responsive to my needs. I am so thankful you were recommended by my realtor, Penny Paegel. You have an awesome team.  Cathy Rochow

James Lury and his son, Alex, did a wonderful job! The inspection was very thorough and provided a great deal of information. They also did a great job of explaining as we walked through the house. I will definitely be recommending Fox Inspection Group to friends and family because of the wonderful job these two men did.  Jason Forrester

James Lury performed a very thorough home inspection, for the second time in 10 days. Both James and Alex pointed out and explained issues that need to be addressed when owning the property. Prompt, courteous, thorough, friendly...what more could you want?  Kate Keeting


I have used James Lury several times and I am always very impressed with the thoroughness and level of professionalism. I will continue to use your services.  Andrew Bacon 


I've recently had a second inspection by done by Fox Inspection Group, and it was great. James Lury was very competent and thorough. He found the issues that I would never have noticed and advised me which are cosmetic only and which need to be addressed. Thank you so much!  Yanina


James Lury inspected the house we are buying. He was more thorough than I could have imagined and very knowledgeable. He spent a long time explaining everything on the report to my husband and I and has called me back to check in if we had questions. I feel very confident in his inspection! Sara McManus


James Lury did an excellent job on the inspection on 3355 Bellefontaine.  From our first meeting, he was extremely polite well-mannered, and efficient in his duties as inspector.  He explained different steps as he progressed during the day, and at the end of the inspection, he thoroughly covered each deficiency as he explained with the photos.  I was greatly impressed with the use of the drone to photograph the roof shingles and the air conditioning units on the roof.  The inspection day was rainy, so a towel was placed on the front steps so our shoes could be dried before entering the townhome.  Water and snacks were provided during the mid-day.  Kate Keating


Yesterday James Lury did a magnificent job. He was so good with my buyers and made all his findings very clear. Not easy in a 5400 square foot house, 6 hour inspection and every inch of the property had issues!  Beth Tyebjee


Thought the drone roof inspection was a interesting use of technology. Also like the fact that the inspector repaired a handrail bracket broken during the inspection.  Chris Larson


We had James come out to inspect the second home we found. He had to work around not only the sellers and their children but their realtor and the fact that it was family picture day at their house. There were also two dogs. He found things that are saving us money over time, and we are moving forward with this house. His professionalism and knowledge truly knows no bounds. We will print out the report to keep with us because we know what to watch over the years we own this home. Kimberly Pillsbury Steele


The comments and recommendation on the report were extremely thorough and very helpful for us as first time home buyers. We truly appreciated the follow up phone call and consultation from James Lury. Philip Miller


We had James out yesterday, and he was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and polite. The tools he used to evaluate the house made us feel confident that we were not dealing with average home inspectors. Luckily, what he found prevented us from getting into a situation that would have most definitely ruined us financially. We are glad we opted to buy the protection plan because we will need it when we schedule an inspection on a much better house as soon as we find one. It's scary to think what would have happened had we not used Fox Inspection Group! Kimberly Pillsbury Steele 


James Lury is a very good inspector. I would totally recommend him. The pool inspector was great and gave us awesome feedback.  Ana Paula Vieira


Had a great experience with James. Really professional and great with my client. Ryan Monceaux 


My inspector noticed a water heater issue that the previous offerer's inspector missed. I would have had to pay $1500 to fix it; hiring you guys paid for itself, thanks.  Dan Donahue


James was fantastic! Very thorough and made us feel secure about our purchase. We will recommend you. Dennis Tippit 


I encourage my clients to always use the inspections services of Fox Inspection Group. As a buyer's agent, I want my clients to be informed as possible as to the condition of the improvements and all of its components. James Lury has been assigned to perform the inspections on the last 3 properties for me and I could not be happier with his professionalism and knowledge. He takes the time to explain his findings to me and my clients in a way that doesn't scare off my clients when there are issues needed to be addressed. In other instances, James has provided inspections that have prevented my clients from making a bad decision in going through with the purchase of a home. I really appreciate the expertise of the Fox Inspection Group and look forward to a long business relationship. Scott Hunter 


Inspector was James: Was fantastic. Went over whole house going over possible problems, solutions to those problems, and things to look out for in the future. Gave me great peace of mind to know exactly what I needed to do to get the house back up to prime condition. Eric Metcalf-Doetsch 


James and his team did a thorough detailed inspection. They were professional and helpful. Definitely recommend Fox Inspection and will tell family and friends. The snacks were a nice touch! Lisa Vagasky


I requested an inspection last minute and fox was on point immediately. Big thanks to James for such a thorough inspection. He took the time to explain details to me and gave me peace of mind. Very kind and professional. I'd recommend Fox to anyone and everyone. Rhonda Blanton


My inspection service experience was more than I could ask for. First of all, they are extremely prompt with communication. Scheduling is super-flexible. James was very thorough and was able to clearly explain several of his findings with great detail in a way that was easy to understand. This inspection was much more than combing-through the building with a fine-tooth brush. What was unique about was that they also looked at things from a holistic standpoint, which only comes from true experience. James drew from his historical, technical and regulatory knowledge to provide an overall outstanding inspection. Blake Dalina


James Lury could not have been more thorough and professional. Impeccable service. Thanks! Walker Brierre


Great inspection with James last week in Katy.  Donna Neely