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Mark Denton  


Mark Denton

Professional Inspector

TREC #10503

Mark Denton InterNACHI Certificate 

Has Performed Over 2700 Inspections 


Mark grew up in Beaumont, Texas. He has a Corgi / Fox Terrier mix, and enjoys woodworking, hunting, and fishing. Mark has an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering and over 30 years experience in construction as a Field Engineer and Project Manager. What does Mark like about working with Fox? "Independence, yet being part of a group. The training program and interaction with our group of inspectors and office staff."


Just had a pre-purchase home inspection completed by Mark Denton. He was friendly and thorough.  Joshua Whitehead


Mark was very thorough in his home inspection. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone.  Awet A


Mark was very thorough and helpful. He walked me through all the issues and explained different options for fixing them. Definitely recommend Fox.  Laura Witbeck


Mark It’s always a pleasure to deal with. He’s very knowledgeable and will take the time to answer any questions.  Allison Hartzell


When buying a new house you need to act quick and we were able to schedule an inspection within two days and got a full detailed inspection report to help us with our contract negotiations. Mark was very thorough and answered all my questions.  Marcia Gibson


Mark was very prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. He took the time to fully explain everything he found in the inspection, and gave us recommendations on what to do about each item. Highly recommended.  Chris Herzberg


Your inspection of my Dad's house allowed me to make all the repairs prior to having an appraisal of my own and putting it on the market. Mark's inspection of a home I was interested in on <street address> helped me decide to back out of my offer (excellent call). Kudos to Mark! Give him a raise 😊   Theresa Nalty


Mark did a thorough inspection of a new home and I received a detailed report within hours of the inspection!  Samantha Yin


Mark inspected our home during option period and inspected our roof after we purchased our home. Mark was very knowledgeable and provided a very professional, impartial assessment of our home. He was very kind and took his time during the inspection to explain things to us. He was also very responsive and open to providing his contact information. After our inspection, he gave us advice on how we should proceed with the home sellers. I would highly recommend Fox Inspections and Mark especially!!  Alexander Bui


Mark Denton with Fox Services did a wonderful job inspecting our condo, AND he got us the report in just a few hours. Thanks Mark and Fox!  Traci Vogiatzis


Sandy Tello Review


Went well and received good responses from inspector on materials and new home construction work already done. Also received tips about other construction questions, such as drainage from next door homes and possibilities for attic storage spaces, as well as things to look for and be aware of when stucco is added to exterior. The inspector was focused on completing a checklist and taking pictures, but once done, he provided a verbal summary of his finding, and was open to any and all questions we still had. We had a completed written report (email and text) within 4-5 hours. Mark Denton was experienced and efficient, and looking forward to using Fox for our final inspection before closing.  Sandra Tello


Mark Denton was very professional and thorough with our home inspection, he explained in detailed the major issues of our potential buy. We also used the pool and HVAC inspection from Fox. I highly recommend Fox Residential Services Group to do all your home inspections!  N Chin


My wife and I just left our inspection with Mark. Mark was great, thorough and honest! The house had much more bad than good. While our realtor is going back to see what can be done we will likely be pulling our offer. I know you have a buyer protection plan where it's $100 off the next home, is there a time limit to that? i.e. 7 days, 14 days etc? Steve Schnell (Office Reply: the Buyer Protection Plan $100 Off the next inspection is good for 90 Days.)


Mark did a wonderful job. His response was timely professional and thorough which is everything one would look for in a home inspection. I would surely recommend this service to home buyers if asked.  Bryce Whittle


I used Fox Inspections for a structural inspection shortly after having my house leveled.  My inspector, Mr. Denton, was detailed, extremely knowledgeable and communicated the workmanship errors and issues clearly.  He took time with me and my house, obviously cared about the condition of my home and followed up with me promptly.  I am most grateful to him for uncovering the critical issues and deficiencies that I could not possibly have seen hidden under the house, as well as, those that required a trained eye to spot. Elle B


Mark Denton was very thorough and detailed with the inspection report. I highly recommend using Mark for a home inspection. Sean Weigner


I always recommend Fox for my clients as I am in the real estate business, but this time I hired them for a home I am considering to buy.
I was pleasures to hire Fox for the general home and stucco inspection. The process to schedule an appointment was very easy and the team in the office are very easy to work with.
Mark Denton done a very thorough general home inspection. He came on time and started the work right away. After he finished, he took his time to go through the report. The next morning we received the formal report and it covered all our needs.
Riccardo has done the stucco inspection. He as well has done an outstanding stucco inspection and took the time to review the report with us and provide his recommendations.
Keep it up Fox inspection. Haitham Rabadi


Mark D. gave us a detailed, informative report of our house including photos. We were not able to attend the inspection and had many questions. He answered them all patiently and effortlessly. Mark worked with our realtor and then we all had a conference call while he was still at the house in case we needed him to check anything else. We were very satisfied with the efficiency and thoroughness Fox provided. Also, they helped set up a termite inspection that was also satisfactory and convenient. Michele Dressendorfer


I'd like to personally thank Mark for the pre-pour inspection.  Mark was extremely thorough and explained the issues with my wife and I in detail.  Mark went above that and helped me understand what I need to do should the builder refuse to repair detrimental issues.  I'm sending you this email because I think it's important to know when you have a good employee who goes above and beyond.  Thanks again and we'll be in touch for the next phase. Adam & Cynthia


Mark was our inspector: he did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and was able to point out pertinent items to notify our builder before final walkthrough! The report was very detailed and timely! Would use them again. Matt Lines, 832-454-4244


Mark D is a great inspector. He is always be there on time, wears shoe cover, prepares chair and water, snack for buyers. He always asks what buyers major concerns. He is really knowledgeable and patient. He shows HVAC system to buyers at the attic. I highly recommend his service.   Jing Harlan


Mark Denton did another great job for us. We love Fox Inspection!  Cristy Stout


Excellent experience! We were very impressed with our inspector Mark Denton. Appreciated the time he took to explain his findings and recommendations. Definitely made us more confident in our purchase decision.  Kristina Horta


Mark Denton did a great job on the inspection. Fox has provided thorough and informative reports for my last few clients. They have been happy with the results and I will continue to call on Fox when inspection needs are available. Mark Fontenot


Stefani was very helpful and professional in getting the inspection scheduled quickly and at a time that worked for me. This is the second time we've used Fox Inspection - the first time for our primary residence and this time for an investment property. Our inspector, Mark, was very professional and thorough and I feel confident that he did a great job with the inspection. In addition to the inspection itself it was very easy to schedule the inspection quickly and in a time that worked for me. Contact info for drawing - Allyson Caire


Mark was awesome! He was meticulous in going through the home and took plenty of time to discuss the inspection report with my clients. I'd highly recommend him! Jenny Kaiser


The inspection was done by Mark D. who did a very thorough job. This is my first home and he walked me through every piece upon completion, explaining everything he was noting. He was patient with my questions. Madeline Ruth Stiers


Mark was very thorough and explained his findings in layman’s terms so it was easy for me to understand the report.  Melissa Kreidie


Mark did a great inspection, very thorough, explained well.  Wesley Linder


I highly recommend Fox. The inspector (Mark) arrived on time and was extremely thorough with his report and explanations. He pointed out things I would not have even thought to consider and also provided a lot of useful tips for improvement! Shaina Kelly  


I highly recommend Fox. The inspector (Mark) arrived on time and was extremely thorough. S  H  A  I  N  A   K elly 


Mark and Bill  have been very helpful in with my clients' home inspections and explaining the findings to them. Very patient and thorough. Ashley Hoang


We were very impressed with how thorough the inspection was. We felt our inspection was important to the inspector, Mark. We felt that he was looking out for our best interests and that we could trust him. He went over everything in his report in a very friendly, professional manner with just the right amount of detail to inform us but not overwhelm us with items that may not need immediate attention. Thanks again, Mark! Kit & Grace Williams


Enjoyed working with Mark, he remember the home pretty well from the original inspection. Ajay Brivic 


Mark Denton did a great job. And I appreciate your flexibility with our changing schedules. Robert Grobe


We've used Mark D. for our initial home inspection and again recently prior to the expiration of our home warranty. Your staff is very courteous and efficient. Mark D. Has done an exceptional job for us and we're beyond satisfied with the services Fox Inspection Group provides.  Tabitha Pemberton


Very good Service and Mark Denton was a great inspector.  Devang Mehta


We had the pleasure of working with Mark Denton as our inspector. This is the first home that we have built from the ground and it is especially dear because we also intend it to be the home where we retire. Mark was very thorough and explained every aspect of the inspection in detail. I appreciate his patience in ensuring that I understood the technical aspects and ramifications that could ensue should certain issues not be properly addressed. As I have no technical knowledge of the building process I appreciate his plain talk delivery instead of a lot of professional jargon. His patience and kindness speaks volumes and I truly felt that he wanted to ensure that we received a quality product for our home. There is nothing different or more I can possibly imagine for the inspection process.  Cynthia Turner


Mark was very thorough and efficient. We did not buy the house because of the issues Mark uncovered. We thank Fox for saving us from future problems.  Keith Thompson


I want to thank the services of your team today and the efficient delivery of these reports. We are extremely pleased with their thoroughness and Mark did a great job of explaining his findings and walking us through his report. Dana Buchan


I only want Mark!  He is the best! He has helped me a lot with my builder.  They had to replace my roof at no charge.  Lydia Afeman


Mark Denton and Shawn McCleney did a great job diagnosing our AC problems on 6/11/16. Thorough diagnosis and very professional, with well documented findings.  Pat Bodin


Mark was very thorough - I was pleased with the entire group - despite the crazy weather. I'm bummed the house didn't work out - but thanks you guys, I'm not buying a lemon! Alex Winn


Inspector Mark was great. He brought snacks and drinks and was very thorough. David Ogletree


We had both a general house inspection and a termite inspection on a house that we're purchasing. Both were incredibly professional and very informative. Mark Denton was our inspector and I appreciate his attention to detail, and his taking the time to go through everything with us. He also followed a couple of days later to make sure we didn't have any additional questions. While some of the things he discovered sounded a little scary to us as first time home buyers, he was able to settle our nerves by explaining what should be expected for a house of that age and why most weren't as scary as they initially seemed. I would definitely refer my friends and co-workers to Fox for all of their needs and plan on calling for AC service as soon as we take ownership. Karin Rabe


I recently had a home inspection performed by Mark Denton on a new construction. His work was very thorough and he made him self available to discuss the details as soon as the report was completed. Despite me not getting back to him until about 9:30 on a Friday night, he took time to go over the report and answer questions. Unfortunately, there were code violations and multiple other concerns that were uncovered during the process. We live in CA and obviously have many obstacles trying to purchase a home over 2000 miles away. We have encountered lots of resistance with everyone we've interacted with during the process except for Mark. His attention to detail and objective assessment of the home has fostered confidence in our decision making. The well being and safety of my family is my first priority. Mark's work has helped make sure that the things most valuable to me remain protected. He was very diplomatic in his presentation of the code violations and items of concern, while still making sure that we understood the importance of the findings and what components were priority. 

 In closing, we are very appreciative for Mark's work and are confident you realize what an asset he is to your business. 

 Best Regards,

 Aaron Pemberton
 T rauma Surgeon


Mark did a great job. I was happy to use Fox a second month in a row on our first home buying process. Thanks Fox for being my trusted adviser!  Colin Stanley


Mark did a great job inspecting a house for us. They were able to fit me into their schedule short notice, and they always do a great job! Colin Stanley


I called and got my inspection on the same day. Mark Denton did an excellent job of inspecting everything in my new home. I even had the report later that night. Great company and will recommend to anyone.  Marge Schroeder


Found damaged water heater in new build which we never would've seen until problems later. Super thorough job by Mark. Explained everything.  Mike DeLaCruz


Mark did a fantastic job. he was very thorough, helpful, and explained everything we need to know!  David Wilkinson


Mark D is fantastic; buyer was overjoyed at his experience and attention to detail. Thanks Fox for another satisfied customer!  Darla Ryden    


Home run! Mark Denton did a great job going over all aspects of a money pit. Saved us from buying an expensive mistake.  Phillip Slimak


Mark Denton did an excellent job to inspect [the property] 2312 on Sept 18. His inspection service is excellent and very thorough. He answered my questions very patiently and made me feel very comfotable to purchase the unit. A job well done. Mark deserves special recognition.  Pen-Chung Wang


Mark Denton and Alex Lury carried out a thorough and detailed home inspection for us. They were professional, easy to work with, and they took their time to make sure we fully understood their reports. I have every confidence in their work and won't hesitate to use Fox Inspectors again.  Kirsty McCormack


I thought that Mark performed great services. He was very thorough and we were very happy with our inspection. It was the right choice we felt very happy with all the information we had been given.Mary Halton


Mark was so thorough in our home inspection. We are first time home buyers and he explained everything in detail & made helpful suggestions. Super nice and professional. I've been recommending Fox Inspection to all my friends and family.  Kacy Cameron


Mark D did a great job inspecting the house we are buying. He was very thorough and explained everything to me. He even called the next day with a suggestion to a problem that we found in the house. I was very impressed!  Christy Labban


As a first time buyer we do not know what to expect in house inspection. Mark Denton's inspection was very through and we are able to know more about the house problems. Sadly, We decided to let go our dream home as the house wasn't in the best condition as we would like. But, we are glad to know these problems early before our option date runs out.  Monica Gunawan


Overall we had the same inspector, Mark Denton, did all the inspection on our newly build home. He has been very helpful. It was a productive process. The inspection report was sent to us in a timely manner. Keep up your good work. Thank you.  Kevin Nguyen


Great inspection from Mark D.  Alaina Hebert


Mark with Fox Residential Services inspected a home for me yesterday. They were very professional. Mark showed up on-time and stayed until the job was complete. I arrived about 30 minutes before the inspection was over. Mark patiently explained his findings. I had the report in my inbox yesterday evening. Byron performed the termite inspection yesterday as well, and he called me this morning to follow up. I highly recommend Fox Inspection Services for Home Inspections.Kelly Land


Good job, thank Mark for me please.  Rob Johnson

Mark Denton did a great job on my home inspection!  Ben Yoesel


Had a great experience. All the inspectors were friendly, knowledgeable and were not agressive with sales pitches (only offered when I asked). Mark Denton was my lead inspector and I appreciated the time he spent with me to explain the findings and what could be fixed easily vs what would need a professional's attention.  Michael Kerby


Mark Denton recently completed an inspection for us. He was great! He is very professional and knowledgeable and explained everything to us in layman's terms so we could understand what his inspection found. This is the second time I've used Fox in a year and I'm extremely impressed with the level of service.  Jim Hardaway


We were very pleased with the inspection that was done on a property we were looking at. Mark Denton did a very good job & took the time to explain all of his findings and answered all our queries. The report was very thorough and professional and had detailed description and photos. We received it early the next morning which was really very fast. I would definitely use Fox Inspection Group in the future and will recommend them to friends and family. Totally worth the money.  Mahesh Kurup


Very good and thorough inspection. And also a speedy typed response. Makes buying an old home less worrysome. Mike, Mark and John were all great.  Chuck Tanner

Mark was the best and extremely knowledgable- highly recommend! Jessica Meyer



The report was perfect, provided all the supports we needed to understand, and gave us a great to-do list of items we never would have thought would need to be remedied.

I'll be sure to email you to let you know whether the sellers will be fixing the big ticket items on the "pig with lipstick slapped on it." 

Thanks again for being so thorough with our inspection. I'll be sure to refer you to anyone I know who is in the market. 

Julie Winter 


Mark performed in a most professional manner, provided me with accurate results, results that enabled me to perform needed repairs paid for by the owner. No impact to the closing occurred.  Richard Hensley


Mark Denton was incredibly thorough, very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. Sally Willcox 


Very professional, thorough, and caring inspector. Followed up to ask if I had questions. Mark is great. Treated the house with respect. Gerrie Richards 


Great service. Mark spent a long time at the residence making sure all was checked and explained to the buyers. He was very knowledgeable. Explained any concerns without being alarming.  Kristin Wallis


Mark Denton did a great job for us, especially helping us understand the differences in inspecting a condo v. a traditional single family home. We also appreciated the speed in which the appointment was set and the fact that the report was ready in less than 24 hours after the inspection. Nice job, Mark and Fox!Cathy Penland


All inspectors were wonderful, I told Mark the only thing he could do to make it better would be to pay for my inspection. haha I actually enjoyed having them, they were so helpful. I will recommend you always to anyone that is looking for Inspectors. I am also going to start flipping homes and will use your company for that always. Thanks again.  Donna Nix


Mark was very thorough and knowledgeable. He exceeded my expectations and was extremely friendly to boot.  Michael Miniard


Mark Denton was great and did the most intense inspection of our house. The owners of the house said they were going to use Fox and Mark when they buy their new home.  Joni Davis


You all were awesome, Mark Denton did an outstanding job! Really appreciate that you were able to get out there on such short notice :)  Tina Brisendine


Mark Denton has been my inspector during my last two, and he has been tremendous when it comes to the level of detail. He puts out everything in a very timely manner and he is very thorough. I will be a lifelong customer of Fox inspection!  Adam Polzin


Mark Denton was thorough and very helpful in his inspection. Thank you Fox inspection!  Jovin Adjeitey


Excellent job done for both our framework and final inspection. Really loved the inspector, Hats off to Mark. Aditya Joshi


The inspection report was very detailed and well organized. Very easy to follow. Mark was very helpful with sharing his thoughts and concerns during and after inspection. Would definitely recommend Fox to others! Firoze Cooper


Our inspector, Mark Denton was extremely professional, thoughtful and most important, thorough. We are very happy with the service that you have provided. Mark LaVelle


I had a question about my home inspection and Mark quickly answered my question. Amanda Trapani