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DISCOUNTED When You Close on a Home That Fox Inspection Group Inspected...


Ozone Disinfection of Your New Home

Dead Virus 

Arrange for us to get into your vacant home after you close (even the day of closing!) and we'll use Ozone to disinfect your new home.

How does Ozone Disinfect? When ozone comes in contact with a bacteria or virus, it will oxidize (burn) the outer membrane. This happens millions of times nearly instantaneously so that the pathogen dies by destruction of the outer membrane. Ozone is 3 oxygen atoms linked together. Bacteria and viruses need oxygen, so they cannot become immune to ozone.

How can you get your home Ozone Disinfected at a Discounted Rate? Hire Fox Inspection Group to perform a Premium Home Inspection for you. Call or email to schedule your Ozone Disinfection Treatment. Meet us at your new home at the scheduled time to open the door for us, then take a break for 3 hours. No people or animals can be in the home at the time of disinfecting with Ozone.

If you are also scheduling a pest clean-out, the clean-out needs to be done after the ozone treatment.

Regular fee for an Ozone Disinfection Treatment is $297.00   Schedule Your Ozone Treatment Here