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I Want My Home Ozone Shock Treated!
What Is An Ozone Shock Treatment?
An Ozone Generator pulls air into the machine, purifies it, and releases clean air. The process takes about 2 hours for a 3500 square foot home and requires 1 hour afterward for the air to become safe to breathe. The ozone process is very dangerous to living things so all people, animals, and plants must be removed from the home before the treatment begins.
Major Benefit
The extreme levels of ozone used during the shock treatment kill all bacteria and viruses in the air. There are even some reports that insects in the home are dead afterward. Of course, the main thing we're all worried about right now is CoVid-19. Ozone Shock Treatments have been shown to kill this coronavirus.
What Will Fox Residential Services Do For You?
If your personal home is in the Houston Metro Area we will bring our ozone generator to your home, clean your home of viruses and bacteria, and give you a certificate of Ozone Shock Treatment. Our fee for this treatment is $297.
Or Free!
If you are a Real Estate Agent who has sent us a buyer who used us for a home, stucco, or mold inspection within the past 10 years we will treat your personal home for FREE! That's right, just 1 client within the past 10 years gets you a free treatment!
The Details of the Program...
Free treatments will be done by zip code. As we get 3-5 homes in a zip code we will schedule those homes to be done on the same day. You will then be informed of the day that we will be there. We will arrive between 8am and 3pm to set up the ozone generator. You will need to have all people, animals, and plants out of your home during the 3 hour treatment. All treatments will be complete by 6pm that day.
If you absolutely must have a specific day and time, it is best for you to schedule through our call center and pay the $297 fee. Free treatments will be scheduled when we have at least 3 homes signed up in your zip code and no specific arrival time will be set.
After you sign up on the list for a free treatment you will receive additional email messages with more details.