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Richard Flores  


Richard Flores

Professional Inspector

TREC #22779

Richard Flores InterNACHI Certificate

Has Performed Over 1300 Inspections  


Used twice: new construction and mold sampling. Richard took his time explaining what he was doing, and why. Very professional: our go-to inspection company!  Ann Babcock

Richard Flores was very professional and friendly. Richard gladly answered any questions I had throughout the inspection, helping me to understand the mold inspection process. If another type of inspection is needed in the future, I will definitely call on Fox Residential Services again.  Brenda Davis

Richard Flores was very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection and was friendly and professional in his approach. Anne Samuels


Richard was absolutely awesome! Very knowledgeable. And did an very thorough inspections. Definitely worth the money! And highly recommend Richard and this company for inspection.  Karishma Ali  

Richard Flores and Riccardo Blanchi and Ryan Sprague were all on time and very professional in performing their work and conveying information to me.  The realtor and I  received a thorough  summary of the work performed  I also received their reports timely.  When I left I felt like my money had been well spent and that I have received a thorough inspection. Sincerely, Terry Knab

Jason & Richard came out to do a property inspection on a townhouse I had put in an offer on. Fox did a great job of appointment reminders and Jason sent me a text to let me know they were 30 minutes from completion so I could meet them at the property. The verbal rundown of what was found could not be more thorough- they nailed it! They hit on the major points and answered all my questions or demonstrated what an issue exactly was that they found. I received the completed, final report a few hours later. These guys don’t mess around! 40 pages of pictures as well as descriptions of what the picture is of, observations, recommendations on repair or even just general maintenance tips. The brands, serial numbers, all information for equipment throughout the house listed in the report to “make it easy for me if repairs are ever needed” so I don’t have to climb up in the attic myself to find a serial number! Very impressed with their professionalism & thoroughness.  Megan Cline

Mr. Flores did the home inspection for a house we purchased while we under option. He was punctual, very thorough, and incredibly patient with me. He explained everything in a way I could understand and showed me how I would be able to use things in our future home. He also explained in detail how to read the inspection report so I would understand it once it was completed. He answered all my questions and reassured me on issues I'd been concerned with before the inspection and explained how best to address any issues that came up on his inspection. I was very happy with the service we received.  K. Elizabeth Lane

Special thanks to Richard Flores with Fox Inspection Group! Richard made the inspection painless and he explained everything. Really appreciate the excellent customer service!  Sarah Carrisalez

Richard inspected my new home and I can honestly say I would refer him to a friend. As a first time home buyer Richard walked me through the process of inspecting the home, talked me through what he was doing and the importance of each step. Richard also answered all my questions (I had many) and had a great attitude the whole time. Oh, he also brought snacks and water to the home which I think goes to show his dedication to customer service.  Emma McConville

My inspector, Richard Flores, was very professional and knowledgeable. I would high recommend.  Ran Tao

Richard Flores did a great job with the inspection. He was very thorough and explained everything to us in detail. We will definitely ask for him on our next home.  Connor Ewing

Richard was wonderful - after meticulously inspecting our house, he patiently and thoroughly explained each item/potential issue. Turn around time for the report was very quick and reassured us of our decision to buy the property. Richard answered all of our questions, recorded detail notes, and even brought snacks! He followed all CDC protocols for COVID19 and made us more confident in our home. I definitely recommend Richard for any home inspection you may need and FOX inspection group as well. Thank you!  Mitchell Dan

Mr. Flores was extremely professional and gave us a very thorough break down after his inspection was complete. Awesome job!!!  David Almendarez


Excellent and efficient service. Explained his initial findings and said that he would have his report emailed to me and my realtor. Got it back a few hours later. Would definitely recommend Fox Inspection and the inspector, Richard Flores.  19oktober64


Fox Residential Services Group did a home inspection for my clients. The inspector Richard did an excellent Job! He was thorough, professional and took the time to explain his findings to my clients in a way that they could understand. My regular home inspector recently decided to move out of state. So, I've been looking for a new go to inspector. I will be requesting Richard in the future for my client's home inspections.  Marc McAllister

We had Richard inspect a home we were planning to buy. Richard did such a good job. He brought things to our attention as he found them and gave us a thorough, but clear, overview of the issues the home had. Very happy with his work. Hilary Haak

Richard Flores did our inspection. He did a tremendous job and I had an excellent experience with Fox. Richard is professional, punctual, knowledgeable, and was patient with all my questions. He provided detailed explanations and took COVID19 precautions. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend Fox to anyone seeking a home inspection. Terri Bannister

Richard was very helpful and knowledgeable. He thoroughly inspect the house and took his time to explain his findings to me. He was also responsive when I called and asked him additional questions after I received the report. I recommended using Fox for home inspection.  Napat Kiatsakdawong

Inspector was on time, masked, wore shoe covers and gloves. He was thorough in his explanations with my first-time buyer client. Report arrived that night as promised and was well-written, understandable, and comprehensive. From an agent's point of view, I got texts as things progressed re appointment time, request for home entry details, directions for who should attend and a reminder to wear masks, name of inspector, and the fact that the report had been sent out. Highly recommend Richard Flores and Fox Inspections.  Sarah K

We were blessed with Richard Flores as our Fox Inspection Group inspector. First time home buyer here and my experience exceeded expectations! Very professional & knowledgeable inspector, big people person, and extremely thorough. I would use Fox over and over plus recommend him to my friends and family.  Lupita Rodriguez

Fox Residential Services Group was very responsive to our request for an inspection and completed the inspection within 48 hours of our inquiry! Richard was very knowledgeable and walked us through the findings of the inspection and made sure we understood everything he was pointing out to us. We would absolutely use them again in the future!  Amy Wagner

Richard Flores is a great inspector. Explained the entire process and answered all of our questions along the way. Very patient and experienced. My family and I would recommend Fox to our friends & family.  Jose C Rodriguez

Worth every single penny! Their inspectors where amazing and extremely knowledgeable. I had the pleasure of working with Richard as my inspector and Brycen as the termite inspector. I would highly recommend using this company and will also recommend booking these two gentlemen!  Cinthya Lopez

Richard was on time and very professional. He pointed out all items of question as he was going through the house and clearly explained each thing. Would recommend Fox to anyone needing a home inspection.  Hayden Taylor


Richard Flores was such an awesome and knowledgeable inspector!!! He took his time to break it down section by section of the house! Thank you so much Richard!!! God bless you and the company!  Crystal Castillo


Richard was very through and took his time to explain all the details to the inspection. He answered all questions and was professional throughout. Would highly recommend Fox Inspection for home inspections!  Joe and Pheba Varughese


We are very impressed with the professionalism with which Fox Residential Services Group conducted themselves in performing the inspection on our new home. Richard Flores did a very thorough job while executing the inspection and giving us the results in a professional manner. We would highly recommend Fox Residential Services Group if you are looking for an inspection on your soon to be home.  Elizabeth Costales


Working with Fox Residential was great and I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a home. Making an appointment was incredibly easy and customer service was very friendly. We worked with Richard Flores and he was on time and incredibly thorough. He took the time to answer all of our questions and walked us through the pictures he took. He answered all of our questions and he was friendly and helpful. Loved working with them and we will definitely be back for other services.  Gabrielle Gutierrez


I highly recommend Fox Group inspection. Richard did such a thorough job inspecting the house I am purchasing. His report was in details and he was great at explaining the areas that needed to be repaired for safety and in general. I appreciate your service. Great customer service.  Anahita Farsad


Fox was very professional in my pre-purchase home inspection. Richard Flores met with me in the morning when he started, during the inspection to update me, and after to review his conclusions. I was very pleased with his expertise and attention to detail and with the final report. I will not hesitate to use them again.  Omar Khawaja


We just bought a new home and used Fox Inspection Group for our home inspections. They did a very thorough job and Rich was very personable and answered all our questions. We'd recommend to all our friends and family.  Varun R


Fox Inspection Group does a great job. I had Richard Flores as an inspector and he was extremely thorough and friendly. I would highly recommend this company they don’t miss a thing. Chris Barshis


Richard did an inspection for us and was personable, attentive and answered all of my questions and concerns. Highly recommend! Lauren Sancton


Richard Flores was our inspector this time. He was very punctual and polite in manner. He did his very best to access every part of our hopefully future home, but because of certain restrictions that we were aware of before the inspection, certain areas that were sealed or had large furniture were in accessible. While you are looking for potential homes, I highly suggest making sure all access panels, hvac units, crawl spaces, and large furniture are removed. Mr. Flores was very thorough and even checked all of our appliances. One thing to be noted would be to ensure the appliances do not have an on/off button which happened with the refrigerator, since it was turned off we thought it was broken. However, with a quick powow with the seller we were able to figure out that it did in fact work! What I found most helpful was that Mr. Flores found out the gas marks on the oven were not entirely accurate and gave us very affordable suggestions on fixing it. His wealth of knowledge was truly helpful in brain-storming solutions to make our home move-in ready ASAP! Thank you Mr. Flores! Bridget Bai & Weining Bai

Thank you.  Richard has been most excellent to work with!  Chad Ryan

We have worked with Fox Inspections twice now and I would highly recommend them moving forward. We had Richard both times and I have been pleased with his work. He is diligent, thorough, and very well educated. He takes the time to make sure he knows why there are potential issues and what needs to be done to solve them. He also takes the time to make sure that you understand where there are potential problems and how big of an issue they could be come if applicable. If I were to buy a house again I would 100% use Fox Inspections. The report that is given at the end of the inspection is high quality and easy to read and understand. The pictures taken of each area do a great job showing you what is referenced within the report.
Not only is the quality of the inspection and report of the highest regard but the service also comes with a termite check and recommendation of action if needed. As someone that grew up in a house with termite problems this comes as a huge relief to me as a potential home owner.
Great value, wonderful service, wouldn't consider using anyone else for home inspections. Go with Fox Inspections, you will not be disappointed. Cody Paulsen


Fox is the best! Not only did they find a major issue with a home that I shouldn’t buy promptly but they pointed out every single issue (even a spot in a tub) in a house I should buy! I feel confident knowing that Richard Flores is beyond knowledgeable in his field, and I am thankful that I was able to use his and Fox’s services not just once, but twice. When there was an issue with the first house, he pointed it out immediately so that we could stop the inspection half way through, and Fox refunded me the other half of the inspection fee!! As unpleasant as it is to know every flaw of anything you’re looking forward to, I feel confident in my purchase decisions because of Fox and Richard. Richard was also genuine, honest, polite and caring in both situations, a pleasure to work with. And scheduling was a breeze, both times!!!! Audrey Bridges


This is the second time I've used Fox Inspection and every time has been perfect. I attended one of the inspections and the inspector (Richard Flores) was fantastic. I was initially afraid my presence would slow him down, but he was quick, professional, and never seemed bothered by my questions. Both inspections delivered reports the same day of the inspection, too! I also stopped by their office to pick up some free moving boxes. Bonus points to them for having a Wonder Woman cut-out at their reception area! David Li


Hi, great job! Richard Flores was very professional. Not only did he take the time to explain all of his findings but also walked me through the house and pointed them out. Thanks, Fox, great job.... Prabshan Pillay


Our realtor recommended us to this company for our home inspection services.  We first used them in 2010 with the purchase of our first house, and we were impressed with their professionalism and thoroughness.  So when the time came for us to purchase our next home in 2019, we did not hesitate in using them again!
Inspector Richard Flores did an awesome job with the inspection of the new home we are purchasing.  He went over all the issues with the home in person, and his written report with photographs was excellent as well.  It definitely made it easier for us to see what the main issues needed to be taken care of with the house.  I was also impressed with the use of drone technology to give a top down view of the house.  Overall, I would recommend this company to all of my friends and family! Chad Banogon


Hey folks, I wanted to send along a complimentary note to Gordon and all about an inspector we had on Sunday.

Richard Flores did a fantastic job!  He was very clear about defects and equally clear about what items were routine upkeep issues.  He was engaged with the clients in a very professional but friendly way.  I would be happy to see him on any inspections for clients, anytime!

Congratulations on having such a good inspector.  I am quick to complain if I don't like something and TRY to be just as quick with compliments!!  (Hey,I'm working on it!)  Richard is excellent! Beth Tyebjee


I’m buying a house and your guys did the inspection. I expected professionalism from your company and I certainly got that. But I got a lot more. 
I got two guys who are not only very good at their jobs, but also really care about it, care about your company and your company’s clients. And frankly, just nice guys all around. They really went above and beyond and to great lengths to explain everything. And their reports were comprehensive, well documented and easy to understand. I would like to thank them, and you, for a job well done. 
Your folks were Richard Flores and Brycen Turner. They were both great. Both my realtor and the sellers’ realtor asked for their cards. They made quite an impression. 
Thought you’d want to know the job your folks are doing even when you are away. I know I always do. David Clark

Easy booking experience online. Quick response and scheduling. Thorough inspection and report completed by both Richard Flores and the HVAC inspector (didn't catch his name). Additionally, reduced the invoice for inspections I ended up not needing. Overall very smooth and painless operation. Adam Kania

As a new home buyer, I used Fox Inspections. My inspector, Richard Flores, was very thorough and went through all of his findings with me. He knew that this was my first home buying experience and was great in explaining all of his finding and uploaded report same day. A few days after I received my report, I had additional follow up questions and Richard was very quick to respond. I will definitely use Fox Inspections again. Anna Carrillo

Richard F came by and did a mold inspection. He was very professional and explained everything well. I would recommend Fox for anyone needing a home inspection. Brandon Cavazos

The home inspector, Richard Flores of the Fox Inspection Group, was very thorough and professional. He spent the time to show and explain his findings, as well as discussed recommended next steps in closing on the home. I would highly recommend Fox Inspection Group and will use them again if I every buy another home. Samuel Alcala

Fox inspected my home prior to purchase. The inspector did the job surprisingly fast based on what I was originally quoted; 1 hr / 1000 sqft = 2 1/2 hours. He completed the inspection in about 1 1/2 hours. I was actually on my way to the house to meet inspector when he had called to tell me he had finished the inspection and give me an overview of his findings. I let him know that I had wished to speak with him in person, and he actually turned around and drove 30 min. back to speak with me. I was very impressed with Mr. Flores’ customer service at that point. He also definitely found a lot of important things that needed to be fixed. I appreciated the easy to understand hierarchy the way they list the items in terms of importance. All in all great experience. Jonathan Stanley

Very happy with my pool inspector. Richard was very happy to answer questions for me and he let me pick his brain without making it seem like I was bothering him. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. David Katz

Thank you, Gordon – and many thanks to Richard and the team Fox sent out yesterday.  Their inspection was thorough, and they took the time I needed to understand exactly what’s to be done to finish up the remediation.  We’re looking forward to having this done and finally being us. Thanks again, and all the best, John R. Watkins

Richard Flores from Fox Inspections did our house inspection and was great! He explained everything to us and showed us the pictures. He also told us the most important issues. Would recommend him and the company to everybody. Becky Ratcliff

Just had my potential new home inspection done by Fox Inspection Group and could not recommend them more! The inspector, Richard Flores, was on time, friendly and professional and did an amazing job conducting and documenting the inspection. Being a first-time home buyer can be nerve wracking but Richard gave me a lot of confidence with his work and documentation on the house. He is a great asset to the company and represents them well. Highly recommend!! Shannon O’Connor