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Home Inspection

For a Thorough and Professional Home Inspection Contact Fox Inspection Group Today!

Fox Inspection Group Home Inspection:

  • Our home inspection service includes the structural / electrical / mechanical & plumbing systems of the house.

    On the structural inspection, we'll walk on the rooftop whenever it is safe and accessible for us to do so. We'll check the entire roofing system and all roof penetrations. And we even crawl thru the attic checking for water penetration, proper framing, load bearing walls, inside and outside, down to and including the foundation system. So structurally we’re checking the house from top to bottom.

    (A special note about the roof: Your inspector will be able to access most 1 story roofs, unable to access the majority of 2ndfloor roofs , and unable to access virtually all 3+ story roofs , unless second floor or third-floor exterior patios provide access. Due to the potential fall / safety hazard, the inspector makes the final determination if he can safely access the roof while at the inspection. O ur inspectors have helicopter drones that can take pictures of the roof. The drones can not be used in areas with a lot of tree limbs as they may get hung up in the branches or in No Fly Zones. If roof access is a concern for you, we can arrange to have a professional roofer join us at the property to inspect the roof at an additional charge ($260 for 2 story; $350 for 3-4 story). Otherwise, we will be closely inspecting the roof for possible water penetration from the underside while in the attic.)

  • Three Story Roof

    Pier & Beam Foundation

  • (If Pier & Beam home: On Pier & Beam we physically crawl below the house to determine if that unlevelness in the house above is typical for an older structure, caused by normal settling, or if there is something structurally significant in need of repair below the house.)

  • On the electrical system, we go from the electrical service panel, where your breakers are, to every accessible outlet, switch, ceiling fan, and light fixture that you have in the house.

  •                                        Electrical Service Panel                                                                                                       A/C Condensing Unit           

  • The mechanical inspection includes your central air conditioner and heating units. It also includes all the built in appliances in the house, such as the oven, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and garage door opener. (If the refrigerator, freezer, washer, and/or dryer are staying in the home please let us know so that we can check them.)

  • Would you like a state licensed Heating and Air Conditioning technician to check out your HVAC systems? His inspection is more detailed than a TREC home inspector’s inspection. The inspector is like your General Practitioner physician – knows a little about everything. While Shawn, the Arctic Fox, is like the Heart Specialist. Licensed for over 20 years, you get a list of issues with a bid for what it would cost to repair any issues found. But wait, there’s more! You also get a free HVAC service call within the first 6 months of moving into the home.  The fee is $97 for the first system and $79 for each additional system. This fee includes one FREE service call after you move in. Any required parts / refrigerant, if needed, is extra. 

  •  On the plumbing inspection we check for proper operation of all your sinks, faucets, commodes, bath tubs, showers, and water heaters. Sprinkler systems are checked as part of our Premium Inspection.

  • If you need a good termite or pool inspector, we can arrange for them to be out there on the same day. Our Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) division, Texas Termite Terminators, is used for most of the WDI inspections we schedule. There are other termite companies we call if TTT is not available, or if you have a company preference. Termite and pool inspection fees are in addition to the home inspection fee. Or you can get your own termite or pool inspectors. It's your call.

  • The termite inspector sets his inspection schedule for the day, after he receives the job notifications at 7:30pm the evening before the inspection. His routing is determined by factors such as the number of jobs he has that day, the locations of those jobs, and Houston traffic patterns. He will be at your inspection on the same day, but may not be there at the same time as the home inspector.

  •  " Thank you Fox inspections for doing a wonderful job

    for my clients. My buyers are in California, and the

    inspector was happy to review the report with them on

    a phone conference upon completion of the inspection.

    My buyers were very impressed with the detailed

    report and felt very comfortable moving forward with

    their home purchase."

                                                                ~Seth Caplan

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